Murray Canyon Repaving

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At the end of a very long Council meeting that lasted past 12:30, Council voted 5-0 in favor of the Murray Canyon Drive road diet. Mayor Moon cited David Freedman’s remarks indicating ICNO’s support for the project as one of the key reasons why he favored it. Several members of the bike community also spoke in favor, echoing the comments David made about the many cyclists who use Murray Canyon and the need for a safe route because of the speeding cars. The only stated opposition came from a resident of Andreas Hills who said the extra lane was needed to pass the slow-moving cars.

In response to David’s remarks on having both lanes on the south side, City Engineer Marcus Fuller said he was not in favor of having bikes going opposite traffic. Also, he said the slurry seal would be micro-fill that would smooth out the road.

David will be following up with Lee Bonno on the timing for the work being done and will provide an update for an email blast once there are dates. As it’s in the current fiscal year budget, it is expected that it will start sometime next month.