Become an ICNO Member / 2023 Annual Sponsor

There is no required annual fee to become a Member, but we encourage all residents of the neighborhood to register as Members in order to receive our monthly newsletter, and so we can keep you informed of meetings and special events – including our annual Spring and Fall Neighborhood Association Cocktail Parties.

However, in order to maintain an active and viable Association we are asking Members to become Sponsors by making a Sponsorship Donation. After paring our expenses and budget to the bare minimum, we’ve determined it costs us about $8,000 per year to operate. That includes maintaining the website, our various internet costs, landscaping and maintenance on the LaVerne Parkway, mailings, etc. No Board Member or Committee Chair receives any compensation for their efforts on behalf of the Association. Our projected budget is posted on the website.

To register as an ICNO Member, follow this simple two-step process:

  1. Current or New 2023 Member/Sponsor, please download (in the upper left, choose File ->Download ->Microsoft Word), print and complete the paper form and mail it to us at the address below so we can add you to our database.  OR… please complete this web form on your computer and just submit when complete.
  2. We are asking 2023 Sponsors to donate a minimum of $35, but there are multiple amounts that you can choose.  We have four recommended levels of membership:  Silver ($35), Gold ($50), Platinum ($75) and Diamond ($100).  There are no special benefits for the different tiers but we encourage you to support the organization at whatever level is comfortable for you.

You can pay with a debit/credit card or by Paypal via this link (our preferred method) or, if you prefer to pay by check, please send the check along with your printed form to:

Address:  ICNO, 1775 East Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 110-440, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Again, to make a payment using on line, click here.