Well Enhancement Project

We will begin our well enhancement project on June 1, 2022, at the site located near the existing well between Hole 9 and Hole 18. Starting on that date, large flatbed trucks carrying drilling equipment will be entering the golf course from Sequoia Road. This will occur between the hours of 7a.m.-5p.m.

The drilling construction crews are using a special piece of equipment called a mud rotary rig to drill into the ground. While this work causes some noise and vibration of the ground, it is at a substantially less rate compared to the more traditional construction method many of you may be familiar with known as pile driving. Sound barriers will also be installed to minimize the impact to neighbors. There will be three shifts, and a handful of workers each shift will enter the project site via Alhambra Road.

Please note. The information on the website may change based on the contractor’s specific plans or schedules. For all the activities described, the necessary permits, authorizations, licenses or other government approvals have been or will be obtained as required to proceed with the work.