ICNO supports Palm Springs AIDS Memorial Sculpture

ICNO supports Palm Springs AIDS Memorial Sculpture (PSAMS) with a $2,000 grant to fund the $600,000 project.  At a private home fundraiser, a check was presented to PSAMS Task Force member and Indian Canyons resident, Mike Richey. The fundraising is near completion with only $125,000 to goal.  To learn more about PSAMS or to donate, please visit https://psaidsmemorial.org

Charitable donations for the year 2023

Our Mission statement includes to promote civic, safety and environmental programs which are beneficial to the residents of ICNO and the community at large. We are happy to announce the following charitable donations for the year 2023.

  • Foundation for the Palm Springs Unified School District – $ 2,000.00

Urgent unmet needs that regular school budgets cannot cover are covered by the Foundation for the Palm Springs Unified School District, a registered 501c3, which pays for everything from field trips to college visits to mentoring to arts and music instruction to mental health wellness centers on campus.

ICNO member Mark Gauthier is the President of the Board of Directors of the Foundation , and ICNO resident Sidney Williams is on the board as well.

  • Palm Springs Aids Memorial Sculpture – $ 2,000.00

The City of Palm Springs has accepted a proposal to install an AIDS Memorial Sculpture in the Downtown Park located atBelardo Road and Museum Way. The sculpture to be carved out of limestone by renowned local artist Phillip K Smith III will be gifted to the City and people of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. Further information and Illustrations can be found at psaidmemorial.org.

ICNO gift will go towards the project’s total budget of $ 600,000.

  • Save the Plaza Theatre – $ 2,000.00

The Plaza Theatre has an impressive role in the history of Palm Springs . The theatre’s iconic identity was established. On it’s opening to the public in 1936 with the world premiere of the Oscar-winning George Cukor film , Camille, with it’s legendary star Greta Garbo who allegedly slipped into the back of the theatre after the lights went down.

The Plaza Theatre Foundation has been established to raise $16M to support the City of Palm Springs effort to fully restore the historic theatre, of which $13.5 million has been raised.

  • In addition, the board has already approved the following gifts to 2023 .
  1. $ 250.00 to Desert Arc in honor of Nate Otto, CEO of Hot Purple Energy.
  2. $ 500.00 annual contribution to the Palm Springs Animal Shelter to sponsor an ICNO blade sign on one of the dog kennels.

Oswit Land Trust Donation

Left to right: David Paisley, Community Development and Partnership, Oswit Land Trust, George Doomany, ICNO board member, Jane Garrison, Founder and President, Oswit Land Trust, Doug Patterson, ICNO board chair, Carolyn Lumber, ICNO board member, Linda Ward, former ICNO board member

Oswit Land Trust has established the Prescott Preserve based on a donation of the abandoned Mesquite Golf Course by the Prescott Foundation. Brad Prescott, its chairman, is a resident of Indian Canyons.

Prescott Preserve, when completed, will be lush with native plants and trees and will be a spectacular place for both humans and wildlife. It will include a large butterfly garden, a native celebration garden to honor and remember loved ones, designated bird watching areas, floats for migratory birds, educational signage, walking paths and more!

ICNO LGTBQ Center Donation

Left to right: Guillermo Biro, Sr. Manager Community Programming; Stuart Huggins, Food Bank Manager; David Salinas, Major Gifts Officer; George Doomany, ICNO Board member; Candice Nichols, Director of Programs; Doug Patterson, ICNO Board Chair.

On December 16, 2022, ICNO Board representatives presented a donation of $1750.00 to The Center’s Food Bank.

A Summary on What the Food Bank Accomplished in 2022

  • Served 12,000+ Households. An increase of 44% compared with 2021.
  • Hosted 50 distributions (Food Bank was closed on Thanksgiving Day 11/24/2021 and scheduled to be closed on 12/29/2021 only).
  • Impacted over 26,000+ people, including:
    • Un-housed
    • Food delivered / Homebound
    • Veterans
  • Managed 5,000+ volunteers’ hours.
  • Handled 180+ tons of food.
  • Served residents of Riverside County.
  • Current capacity is to provide food for 250 households weekly, served on a first come-first serve basis.
  • Currently registered 1,000+ households in our database