Our mission

The purpose of the Indian Canyons Neighborhood Organization is to foster an environment of communication between the City of Palm Springs, the Agua Caliente Indian Tribe and residents of the Indian Canyon neighborhood, with a view toward maintaining, promoting and enhancing the natural beauty, serenity and allure of our unique neighborhood, which is characterized by the distinctive architecture located there, but also the quality of life the residents enjoy living within the boundaries of ICNO.

The residents of the Indian Canyons Neighborhood Organization take great pride in the creation of this organization and its Mission Statement.

Toward this end, the Indian Canyons Neighborhood Organization is committed to:

1. Promote the sense of community among the residents of the Indian Canyons neighborhood.

2. Promote a social and culturally sensitive communication network that accommodates the needs of the membership, and duly considers the needs of our extended neighborhood.

3. Promote civic, safety and environmental programs which are beneficial to the residents of ICNO and the community at large.

4. Develop and maintain a communication process which will keep the residents of ICNO informed of issues affecting their community.

Board and Committee Chairs 2024