The Indian Canyons Neighbor

Vol. 2,  Issue 8– May, 2017

Written & Edited by Jason & Marjory Lewis  Published by Erica James                                       


News from the Tribal Liaison Committee

Interest and enthusiasm filled the North Course Club House on April 8th as 25 Indian Canyons residents joined committee co-chairs Jerry Nies and Carolyn Lumber for a freewheeling discussion.

The topic was the Indian Canyons Golf Course and more specifically the North Course and North Course club house and their futures.

There were good suggestions and ideas and an ample demonstration by everyone present that the future success of the North Course and the Club house is on the minds of many local residents. What emerged was group consensus on the simplest problem: Where do we start?​ The answer is a neighborhoodwide survey as the first step.

The next step is the construction of the actual survey letter, a targeted mass mailing, and a follow up and analysis of the results. A number of attendees have already volunteered to join the committee and help with the initial survey. 

According to Carolyn, a mailing date for the survey letter is still being determined.

Development Committee Recommendations

The ICNO Development Committee, chaired by Arlene Sanford, has delivered itsrecommendations to the Board of Directors.

Selected for individual charitable donations of $1000 apiece are the Palm Springs Animal Shelter, The Well in the Desert, the Palm Springs Police Department for the purchase of five tactical vests, and the Office of Emergency Management of the PSFD. That last donation will be used to purchase emergency supplies for the disaster container at the corner of Murray Canyon Dr. and South Palm Canyon Dr.

The neighborhood development project will involve power washing and then painting the front entrance wall between Camino Real and S. Calle Palo Fierro. A maintenance fund of $2500 will be established to maintain the wall for any needed future work or repairs,

The recommendations were selected from all the suggestions and ideas submitted by ICNO members. A vote will be taken at the next ICNO monthly meeting on May 13th.


Meet Thoroughly Modern Merah 

It is not much of an exaggeration to suggest that Merah Bond was destined to become involved with our ICNO Modernism Week Committee.

FullSizeRender-3Recruited by outgoing committee chair Susan Cureton-Hill, Merah comes to the committee with many years of valuable experience.

Merah and her husband Chris are LA residents who moved to their present home on S. Caliente only last year. But they have owned a vacation home in Twin Palms since 2008, a William Krisel butterfly roof design that Merah researched thoroughly at the Getty Research Institute in L.A.

Merah is retired now, but her working years were spent in TV production, first forEEntertainment Television, and later with The Style Network, an subsidiary.

Merah and Chris have a son, now a student at UC Santa Barbara. Keeping the couple company at home are two rescue dogs, Dash the Greyhound and LuLu, a Whippet, two very friendly and stylish canines.

She will be joining with Susan as a co-chair and working with committee members David Freedman, Carol Moore, Larry DaSilva, and Chuck Steinman (who co created the ICNO Modernism Week Tour brochure). She is already aware that this is almost a yearround commitment to a group that has produced one of the most popular events in the Modernism Week schedule.

Merah happily confesses to a lifelong love affair with style and design and has enjoyed every Modernism Week since 2008. Any visitor to the Bond’s beautiful mid century modern home will agree that she belongs on the committee and that their home belongs on the tour in February of next year.


However, This Position Remains Open

 IMPROVE YOUR COMPUTER SKILLS AND ENJOY BEING FEELING REALLY NEEDED: Our opening for a person to manage our ICNO Website remains open.  Only basic computer skills are required for this important ICNO committee post.  You’ll work with our website management team- they do the heavy liftingAnd you’ll get on the job training from Erica James, our Web Mistress par excellence. Get all the details at


(Quoted from the Vacation Rental/Event House Outreach Program)

In a non-emergency situation such as a noise complaint, the Outreach Program asks that you call (760) 322-8383 (effective May 15, 2017) instead of calling the police. It is important that you call during the event so that we (the City responder) may respond in a timely manner.

The Outreach Program invites your calls, and ask that you provide the address of the property in question. It can be helpful if you allow our City responder access to your yard to get a better reading of what is occurring, but it is not required.

If you would like a call-back after we assess and resolve the matter, please let the Hotline know.

For the public’s information, Hotline complaints and responses are published each week for the prior week. – Please see Vacation Rental Development Reports section.

(Use this web address and click on Code Compliance)

We Missed You

The bar got set a little bit higher at the annual Spring Party on April15th.  According to Hospitality Chairman Steve Bryan, 165 ICNO members and friends gathered at the stunning home of super hosts Lane Adams and Richard Savage for an event that added a new dimension to the cocktail hour.
FullSizeRender-5That very cool added extra was provided by Lane and Richard who added velvety vocalist Horace Miller (pictured here with Lane and Richard) – as well as Bob O’Connor on the keyboard – to Lynn Hammond’s expert catering and cocktails. If you just happened to be playing a late round on the North Course you got to enjoy the music, the beat, and the line dancing on the 7th fairway. Our thanks for a very special event!

Thank you, and goodbye

This will be the last issue of the newsletter under my stewardship. I am resigning my committee post for personal reasons. Marjy and I thank you for your encouragement and support during the past two years.  

Thanks for everything – Jason Lewis




The next ONE-PS meeting will be held at 8 am on Thursday, May 11th at 425 N. Civic Drive near City Hall. The public is invited.


All residents of the Indian Canyons neighborhood are welcome at the May meeting of the ICNO Board of Directors, Saturday, May 13th at 9 am at the North Course Club House on Murray Canyon Drive.


Your fundraiser or community event, call for volunteers or announcements for workshops, seminars, or free training go here. You can publicize your art project, musical event or theatrical presentation. It’s FREE. If you are a resident of the Indian Canyons Neighborhood, contact Jason Lewis at


“Nobody’s heart is really good for much until it has been smashed to little bits.”      Elizabeth Bishop, poet

The Indian Canyons Neighbor

Vol. 2, Issue 7– April 2017

Written & Edited by Jason & Marjory Lewis – Published by Erica James            





The ICNO Development Committee met for the first time on March 23rd. Chaired by Arlene Sanford, the committee includes Jerry Nies, Philip Brent, Jason Lewis, Larry DeSilva, Terry Daniels, David Freedman , and Judy Jensen.

The meeting focused on two areas. First the committee reviewed all of the suggestions related to charities and worthy causes submited by the membership. FullSizeRender

They then reviewed all of the neighborhood development, improvement and beautification projects submitted by the membership.

Arlene then asked individual members of the committee to research some of all of the suggestions where more information was needed.

Arlene will present the committee’s recommendations to the Board of Directors’ meeting at the North Course Club House on Saturday, April 15th.

All ICNO members and Indian Canyons residents are welcome.


A Very Important Invitation


Are you interested in promoting changes

to the Indian Canyons North Golf Course or Club House?

         If the future of the course and club house are important to you, Jerry Nies and Carolyn Lumber would like to invite you to a special meeting on Saturday, April 8th, from 9 to 10am at the North Course Club House.

Jerry and Carolyn are the co-chairs for the new ICNO Tribal Liaison Committee. Their first goal is to determine if there is enough interest and energy to develop a meaningful proposal for sustainable changes. If true, the committee would make a presentation to the tribe at some point in the future.

Your interest and energy and suggestions and ideas are being sought.

If the opening line of this article spoke to your concerns, we’ll look forward to seeing you on the 8th.


— It’s Party Time —


One last reminder, friends. The Spring Party is on Saturday, April l5th at the home of Lane Adams and Richard Savage, 2132 S. Via Lazo.

Remember, the party now runs from 4 to 7pm and Larry and Richard are providing live music. As always the hors d’oeuvres and drinks are catered by Lynn Hammond . Now, if you haven’t registered, get to it now. Contact Steve Bryan at


A Man and His Music

Q: What do violinist Jasha Heifetz and singer Barbra Streisand have in common?

Q: What do singer/composer Barry Manilow and cellist Gregor Piatigorsky have in common?

A: They all know and love the talents of Donald McInnes.


We recently chatted with Donald at the home on South Caliente he has shared with David Ross Pittman since 2003. Donald is not an unusual member of our neighborhood in that he is a person of considerable fame and a great deal of accomplishment living in quiet retirement. Must be something in the water, we suppose.

Donald was born in San Francisco, but raised in Santa Barbara, a city he still clearly loves. His father was a banker and close friend of Swing era giant, Glenn Miller. His mother was a serious student of the piano, and so it is not unusual that music should become Donald’s life and passion.

Donald’s first instrument was the violin. After earning his undergraduate degree in that instrument at UCSB, he served his Army time as principal violinist at the West Point Academy. He then returned to college at USC amd earned his Master’s degree in viola. It was at USC that he studied under William Primrose and was coached in chamber music by Jasha Heifetz and Gregor Piatigorsky.

The life of the classical musician is rarely quiet or settled. After graduation Donald moved to Seattle to teach viola and chamber music at the University of Washington while occupying the principal chair for viola for the Seattle Symphony Orhestra.     He has also taught at the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati, the University of Michigan and USC here in California.

There was teaching and there was travel as a touring solo artist with symphony orchestras and chamber groups. There were the appearances with the New York Philharmonic, the Boston Symphony, The Orchestre National de France and the Zurich Chamber Orchestra to mention just a few, and his collaborations with Leonard Bernstein, Yo-Yo Ma, and Yehudi Menuhin. Between 1985 and 2000 he performed for the sound tracks of such films as Out of Africa, 4th of July, Schindler’s List and Finding Nemo. And we can add his musical credits playing with Barbra and Barry. A lot of names, a lot of places, many awards and prizes for his outstanding musicianship.

Donald made beautiful music for more than 50 years. In the end, it was the four hours of practice, each day, every day that pointed Donald towards retirement. Now, Donald says when he wakes up in the morning, “What do I want to do today?” not “what do I have to do today?”

There is a very large Donald McInnes legacy – all those sound tracks and the extensive library of his recorded works on the Columbia, RCA, Deutsche Grammophone, Laurel, and Angel (now EMI) labels.

There are the compositions by William Schuman, Vincent Persichetti, Robert Suderberg and others, written to showcase his particular virtuosity on the viola.

When you talk with Donald he mentions the names of the famous men who both inspired and taught him, passing on the tradition of teacher to pupil.

So, perhaps his greatest legacy is not the music he played but the students who carry his teachings forward…the new generation of artists such as Cynthia Phelps, the principal violist for the New York Philharmonic since 1992, or two-time Grammy nominee and Emmy winner Richard O’Neil.

Great artists enjoy immortality because their work lives on after them. But those who also teach enjoy a special immortality in the accomplishments of their students who carry on the tradition of excellence.





CO-Chair, Modernism Week Committee: Wanted, energetic, organized individual to join Susan Cureton-Hill, David Freedman, and Carol Moore on the Modernism Committee: Help plan Modernism Week 2018. Goal: To learn the business and replace Susan next year when she retires. Compensation: A great deal of respect, a small measure of fame, and oodles of thanks. For more information contact Susan Cureton-Hill at or 941-730-3305.

Webmaster/Mistress: Only basic computer skills are required for this pivotal post: Duties include downloading documents and sending out e-blasts and The ICNO Neighbor. Work with our website management firm. Comprehensive training and hands on help from Erica James, our Web Mistress par excellence. Compensation: A feeling of being really needed and appreciated. For further information contact Erica James, ICNO Web Mistress, at


Noted… passing

         David Freedman, our pipeline to items of importance at ONE-PS and City Hall has informed us that our Indian Canyons Neighborhood has been scheduled to receive road repairs and resurfacing this year. FullSizeRender-3

What street will receive the asphalt face-lift?

Sequoia…..a little street, maybe 500 feet long, connecting Yosemite and Alhambra. There are no houses on Sequoia , but a golf-cart path bisects the street in the middle.

Maybe it’s not a major project, but it’s nice to be remembered.




The next ONE-PS meeting will be held at their new location, 425 N. Civic Drive near city hall at 8am on Thursday, April 13th. The public is invited.


All residents of the Indian Canyons neighborhood are welcome at the April meeting of the ICNO Board of Directors, Saturday, April 15th, at 9am at the North Course Club House on Murray Canyon Drive.


Your fundraiser or community event, call for volunteers, or announcements for workshops, seminars, or free training go here. You can publicize your art project, musical event, or theatrical presentation. There is no charge. If you are a resident of the Indian Canyons Neighborhood, contact Jason Lewis at

“The more I practice, the luckier I get.” –

Arnold Palmer

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The Indian Canyons Neighbor 

Vol. 2, Issue 6– March, 2017

Written & Edited by Jason & Marjory Lewis – Published by Erica James                                    


This Could Be The Start of Something News!

Approximately forty ICNO members joined the Board of Directors and committee heads for the February business meeting at the North Course Club House.

The special guests were Tom Davis, Planning and Development Officer of the Agua Caliente tribe and Todd Hooks, Economic Development Director and Executive Director of the Agua Caliente Development Authority, ACDA.


Tom led off with a detailed explanation of all the land located within the Agua Caliente reservation. Todd then narrowed the focus to the area that surrounds and contains our Indian Canyons neighborhood. Both gentlemen took the time to give thorough answers to the many questions asked by the ICNO members attending.

Because the volume of information delivered in this special 45 minute presentation by Tom and Todd, we would recommend you read the minutes of the meeting found at our website. Just go to and click on Links. You will gain a better understanding of both the plans and the obligations under consideration by the tribe as they redevelop their Casino-Hotel-Spa properties and other commercial possibilities in downtown Palm Springs.

Todd gave us an overview of our area of the land under tribal control. It includes both golf courses, 511 single family homes, 200 condos and 80 apartments. Some 70 separate entities are involved in the ownership of all this leased land.

The tribe assumed ownership of the two golf courses following the failure of the previous owners. Since then, rumors and speculation have surrounded both the resort and all of our homes that surround the club.

Todd stated the tribe has no plans to sell the club in the next five to six years. However, as responsible managers of the property they must consider any reasonable development proposals.

The south course is, at present, a profitable public course. The north course is not. There are a number of factors involved, some shared with other older courses in the valley.

The north course is a ‘Championship’ course, which means it is either classic or old fashioned, depending on your point of view, and more difficult to play. The club house is both an iconic part of Palm Springs history and an architectural treasure. But it is extremely expensive to operate as just a public golf course building.

Todd repeatedly made one point clear. His office, the ACDA, and the tribe are very interested in working with ICNO to help the club survive. There are many possible solutions to the current problems, problems we share because we share the neighborhood.

In the article below you will note the formation of a new committee headed by Jerry Nies, Tribal Liaison. You will also note that Arlene Sanford now heads our Development Committee. Jerry will be working with the tribe and his committee and Arlene’s may work together on certain proposals.. Your participation is needed. You can contact Jerry at . Look for an e blast from Arlene soliciting your suggestions for the Development Committee.

This is the beginning of a new relationship and partnership between ICNO and the tribe. While we may be preaching to the choir, from this point forward, being a member of ICNO, whether you are a full time resident or a snow bird, a rental property owner or just a casual, part time resident of our Indian Canyons neighborhood, membership in ICNO is just plain in your best interest.

Not to mention that we throw great parties.


Wanted- More Folks Like These

         At the February meeting of the ICNO Board of Directors, the following slate of officers was chosen for the coming year:


Bruce Moccia, Chairperson                  David Freedman, Vice Chairperson

Steve Bryan, Treasurer                           Michael Dixon, Secretary

Steve Buchanan, Membership Chair           Erica James, Website


— Members at Large—

DeeAnn McCoy, Jerry Nies, Carolyn Lumber, David Ross Pittman, Judy Jensen, Mark Gold

Committee Heads

Susan Cureton-Hill, Modernism Chair           Jason Lewis, Newsletter

Jerry Nies, Safety & Tribal Liaison               Steve Bryan, Social Events

Mark Gold, Club House Usage                       Arlene Sanford, Development


And here’s where you come in:



Your help, input, creativity, experience, energy, and ideas are needed. As the Hallmark greeting card says,’ Be Alert. The world needs more lerts!’


Neither rain nor…….

         Low hanging clouds nor sodden desert winds could dampen the enthusiasm displayed by the four hundred visitors to our neighborhood for the Indian Canyons Neighborhood Home Tour on Saturday, February 18th.


Jason Lewis, in his role as the fearless reporter for this publication, was on hand at 9:45 as ticketholders began lining up at the registration table at the Appetito Restaurant and Koffi, across from the Ace Hotel. A few of his observations:

Although this was not a scientific survey, conversations with ticketholders seemed to indicate a large number of snow birds this year taking the tour. As usual, folks came from all over the US with Chicago as a frequent home town. Two gentlemen from Montreal claimed the honor of having attended every Modernism Week since its inception. Most tour-goers were repeat visitors.

# 1 thoughtful gift: The bright yellow Indian Canyon tote bags.

#1 most appreciated tool: The ICNO full color tour guide with easy to read map and back story on each of the six houses on the tour.

#1 most appreciative comments: A constant stream of compliments about the help, knowledge, and enthusiasm displayed by our volunteer docents. It should be noted that many are veterans of prior ICNO home tours.

#1 most appreciated people: The twelve homeowners who shared their six homes with our visitors.IMG_2124

Conclusion: Palm Springs is a Destination. Visitors come to experience and enjoy for a short time that which we enjoy all the time. It’s not unusual that they should be curious about the homes we live in and what they look like inside and out. However, as a point of pride:

The #1 best neighborhood home tour as expressed by visitors who have taken multiple tours over two or more Modernism Week: The Indian Canyons neighborhood.

You may take this as proof of the excellence of the work and preparation done by Susan Cureton-Hill, David Freedman, Carol Moore, and all the other committee volunteers and docents…or you can just believe that our visitors were simply being nice to our man-in-the-street on a soggy sort of day.

Meet Your New Board Member



“It takes people to volunteer to get things done,” reflected Carolyn Lumber as she tilted back in her chair. And she should know. Carolyn was one of the early members who helped Bruce Moccia and Philip Brent draw up the original by-laws for ICNO back in 2009. Now she has returned to active service as the newest Member at Large on the Board of Directors.

Carolyn and her partner, realtor Linda Rease, arrived at their home on East Avenida Granada in 1998. She remembers that every other home seemed empty in those days and she and Linda set out to buy, flip, and sell many of the vacant properties.

Today Carolyn is the V.P. of Sales for Hot Purple Energy, which explains how the company came to be involved in the major makeover of our Indian Canyons front entrance. It must be noted that Nate Otto, the founder and president of the solar energy firm, has a long history of quiet good works in the Coachella Valley. Credit for the company’s unusual name may be credited to Nate’s three year old daughter, Harley, who drew a picture of a ‘hot purple.’

Carolyn has served on the Council of Trustees Board for Our House of Portland for many years. Our House is a care facility for patients with end stage AIDS.

We don’t know the color of Carolyn’s own personal energy field, but we welcome it to our increasingly active neighborhood organization..


Announcing the dress code for the Spring Party


It’s whatever you happen to be wearing at 4:00 on Saturday, April 15th. Just take your-own-self (and a neighbor, perhaps) to the home of our gracious hosts, Lane Adams and Richard Savage at 2132 S. Via Lazo. The gathering runs until 7:00 and, as always, the award-winning hors d’oeuvres and your drink of choice will be graciously delivered by the caterer to the canyons, Lynn Hammond. Look for your registration e-mails starting in early March.






  • The next ONE-PS meeting will be held at their new location, 425 N. Civic Drive near city hall at 8am on Thursday, March 9th. The public is welcome.


  • Marjy Lewis IS the very ditzy, love-besotted Tottendale in the lovely and lively Broadway musical comedy, The Drowsy Chaperone, coming to the Joslyn Center (just a few blocks from the McCallum Theater in Palm Desert), March 9th thru the 19th. For details call Desert TheatreWorks at 760-773-1377 or go to


  • All residents of our Indian Canyons Neighborhood are welcome at the March meeting of the ICNO Board of Directors, Saturday, March 11th at 9am at the North Course Club House on Murray Canyon Drive.


  • It’s total family fun, the annual ONE-PS Picnic at Ruth Hardy Park from 11am till 2pm on Saturday, March 25th. Food–games-special exhibits-entertainment. Celebrate our city and join the fun.


  • Your fundraiser or community event, call for volunteers or announcements for workshops, seminars, or free training go here. You can publicize your art project, musical event, or theatrical presentation. There is no charge. This is your newsletter. Contact Jason Lewis at


“Behind every failure there is an opportunity someone wishes they missed”

Lily Tomlin


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The Indian Canyons Neighbor

Vol. 2, Issue 2 – February 2017

Written & Edited by Jason & Marjory Lewis – Published by Erica James                                           


Just in Case You Didn’t Make It

            We don’t have exact figures for the attendance at our annual business meeting at the North Course club house last month, but Steve Bryan, our Treasurer and Hospitality Chairman estimated that a crowd of about one hundred came for coffee, cake, and a great deal of information. Our lead guest speaker was Mayor Moon who gave us forty minutes of his valuable time to talk in depth about the current state of the city, its progress and its problems. Fire Chief Naldler brought us up to date on the progress of Fire Station # 5, and we heard from Denise Goolsby, the new manager of the city’s Office of Neighborhood Management for ONE-PS.



That portion of the meeting lasted two hours, and space limitations make it impossible for us to bring you a complete report. To get the full details and all the information that was presented, just go to our website and click on ‘Links’ to read the complete minutes of the meeting. Our thanks to Mike Dixon, our Board Secretary, for this thorough coverage of this special two hour meeting.


…..and then came….

…Operation Lighthouse II, our second annual neighborhood safety conference.


Palm Springs Police Officer Steve Sanders, our neighborhood liaison officer gave us the simple statistics that demonstrate why what we do can help reduce crime in our neighborhood.

Here are the numbers for 2016 from Officer Sanders: Police responded to 29 calls in our neighborhood last year. Of these, 10 were residential burglaries and 11 were for theft from a vehicle. Seven of those vehicles were unlocked.

            In addition, there has been a rash of pool pump thefts. How secure is your pump? Have you made a note of the unit serial number to give to the police and your insurance company? And in the same vein, have you registered you bike with the police?

One of the benefits of the safety workshop is getting information we haven’t thought about. Example:

Rob Roberts from Maximum Security spoke about motion detectors as a home security approach. It is a common practice for homeowners to place the detectors in the main part of the house. The savvy burglar breaks into the master bedroom or en -suite portion on the home and takes all the cash, jewelry, and other valuables without setting off the motion detectors.

Rhonda Henry, a Business Development Specialist from Servpro in Palm Desert talked about the importance of emergency preparedness. The company offers a free survey of your home and a custom binder that shows the location of gas, water, and electrical shutoffs. In addition, the binder contains emergency evacuation routes, what items should be in your personal emergency kit and emergency contacts in our community. A number of your neighbors signed up for the free survey.

According to Jerry Nies, our ICNO Safety Director on the board, we had more valuable information than we had time. Plans are already underway for a different, expanded approach next year. In the meantime, you might want to stop leaving your car unlocked out in the driveway. That would reduce you chance of a break-in by about 64%.


Sssssh, I hear a rustling in the bushes!


It might be the sound of maps rustling, or brochure pages turning excitedly or people getting their cameras prepared. What it does mean is that Modernism Week will soon bring folks by the thousands from around the world to take a peek at the way we live.

This year our tour date is Saturday, February 18th. Susan Cureton-Hill, our ICNO Modernism Week committee chair reports there will be two tours of our neighborhood on that date; one from 10 am to noon and a second from 11am till 1 pm. Registration for both will be at the patio of the Appetito restaurant opposite the ACE Hotel on South Camino Real. Check-in will begin at 9:45 am.

It may be the homes that draw the crowds and it may be the Palm Springs Modern style that characterizes the homes. But it is our neighbors who open their homes and the forty five volunteers who serve as docents and handle registration and lots of other details who make this signature day in the Indian Canyons neighborhood the enormous success it has become.

There are still stand-by Docent slots available. You get the tour for FREE for volunteering. Just contact Carol Moore, our Docent Coordinator at or Susan at

If you live on Alhambra, Avenida Granada, Santiago Way, Murray Canyon or S. Caliente you’ll notice the increased cars and foot traffic.

Here’s the short list of the six ICNO members who have opened their homes to our tour and whose generosity will benefit our entire neighborhood.

Mark Gold & Thomas Sims

Carolyn Lumber & Linda Rease (a William Krisel Butterfly)

Steve Buchanan & Ernesto Delgado

David Freedman/ Christopher Kennedy

Lynn & Steve Tesler (a Stan Sackley)

Robert Darby & Chad Abbot (a Stan Sackley)

                                            —Thank You All!—


Meet Your New Board Members


What’s your picture of a Snowbird? Perhaps it’s somebody who returns to the valley as autumn turns to winter to spend a relaxing six months just playing golf or tennis or pickle ball in the daytime and bridge or the occasional gala at night.

If so, you will not recognize our newest Board of Directors member, Judy Jensen. She and her husband of 22 years, Phil, purchased their home on S. Caliente in 2006 after visiting the valley for 5 years. Their ‘summer home’ remains in Oregon.


Judy and Phil are both retired. She served as the Executive Director of Foundation for the Providence Hood River Hospital for seven years after a twenty five year career in banking while Phil spent his working days at Luther Jenson & Sons, his family owned fishing tackle company.

Judy’s spirit and history of community involvement has included regular attendance at our monthly ICNO meetings and so it’s not surprising that both David Ross Pittman, Member at Large, and former President, Devra Lieb, urged her to join the board.

Judy does things both big and small. If you’re a theater-goer, you’ll recognize her as one of the regular ushers for productions at the Palm Canyon Theatre. During Modernism Week, you’ll find her doing docent duty at the Christopher Kennedy compound.

Judy also volunteers for various functions produced by the Desert Aids Project including the annual gala party hosted by DAP during the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Judy has brought that same worker-bee attitude to the board. Judy is interested in working on both the Development Committee and the expanding Hospitality committee.

So if you need a fourth to fill out foursome at golf or bridge you may need to give Judy a pass, but you could consider letting her know what new neighborhood improvement ideas you’ve come up with.


Our other new ICNO Board member is Carolyn Lumber.

We’ll introduce Carolyn in the March issue.


People     Places     Things


  • The February ONE-PS meeting will be held at their new location, 425 N. Civic Drive near City Hall at 8am on February 9th. The meetings are open to the public and you are cordially invited.


  • All residents of the our Indian Canyons neighborhood are welcome to the next meeting of the ICNO Board of Directors on Saturday, February 11th at 9am at the North Course club house on Murray Canyon Drive.


  • Your fundraiser or community event, call for volunteers or announcements for a workshop, seminar, or community event go here. You can publicize your art project or musical venue or theatrical presentation. There is no charge. This is your newsletter. Send details to Jason Lewis at


“The bigger the hair, the closer to God.”     –Dolly Parton



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The Indian Canyons Neighbor

Vol. 2, Issue 4 – January, 2017

Written & Edited by Jason & Marjory Lewis – Published by Erica James                                                 





It’s a double down day with something for everyone who lives in our Indian Canyons Neighborhood, and it’s 100 % free.

Now that we’ve got your attention, let us continue. The annual ICNO business meeting will be held on Saturday, January 14th at 9am at the North Course club House on Murray Canyon Drive. And immediately following that short meeting we will move onto Operation Lighthouse II, our free seminar on personal, home, and neighborhood security.

You’re the most important person in the room as there are five seats to be filled on the Board of Directors and your vote is needed. You can also pay your annual dues at this time, if you haven’t already used the website, to handle that little chore.

You’ll hear a report on ICNO’s accomplishments for the past year and our plans for the upcoming year, and we’ve invited Mayor Moon and Denise Goolsby to update plans at city hall and PS-ONE for you. Todd Connelly, the manager for the club will give us a ‘State of the Resort’ report. As an added bonus, the first 50 people to sign in will each receive a free copy of the colorful new ONE-PS Guide to our Palm Springs Neighborhoods, a $4.95 value. Coffee and a Danish, too? You bet.

Operation Lighthouse II

       Back by popular demand is our 2nd annual ICNO Safety and Security workshop. We are all aware that property crimes are on the increase in Palm Springs. And, since it’s your property we’re talking about you won’t want to miss this presentation which starts at 9:45, immediately following the annual business meeting.

Jerry Nies, head of our Safety Committee, has assembled a panel of safety and security experts including both police personnel and security professionals from the home safety industry.

Among the technical presentations planned are demonstrations of the latest smart security systems, night vision cameras, and microchip tracking technology.

What may be most important are the home and personal safety tips particular to our neighborhood where such problems as access from the golf course exist. Snow-bird residences, and ‘attractive nuisance’ property enhancement can make our neighborhood as attractive to the law breaker as it is to us.

There is still time to register and it’s all free. Just call or text Jerry Nies at 360-608-5907 or email


Where Were You When the Ball Dropped?

         We know of one hundred and sixty people who had a great evening at our Indian Canyons Golf Resort on New Year’s Eve. They dined and danced and laughed and sang and had a great time, thanks to the efforts of DeeAnn McCoy and Jackie Thomas who had organized a fabulous exit to 2016.



The Gand Band was back, and Jackie and DeeAnn added a 1964 vintage Turf Rider IV golf cart which posed prettily in front of a glittering Palm Springs backdrop created by Mary Mize and Jay Jones who both returned this year to head up the decorating committee.

A lot of people came together to create this magical evening, sponsored this year by the Indian Canyons Neighborhood Organization.

In addition to Mary and Jay, our thanks and appreciation go out to Jerry and Marilyn Nies, Bruce Moccia, and Susan and Kelli Cureton-Hill who all helped with both the set-up and the after-party clean-up.

Special thanks go to Mark Gold and his partner Thomas Sim who managed all the reservations, payments, meal and table assignments.

“It was such a wonderful way to spend New Year’s Eve,” said DeeAnn. “The club was so festive, and the food and music were great. We all loved getting to spend time with our friends in true Palm Springs style.”

A gentle reminder: They will be doing it again at the end of this year.

Make a note. Plan ahead. We’ve saved a seat for you right at your favorite table.


Getting to Know the Go-To Guy


We have to admit it, David Freedman reminds us of a hummingbird. There’s all that disciplined energy and focused intelligence and exceptional organizational skills that result in a man who is incredibly good at getting things done.


David is a relative newcomer to our Indian Canyons neighborhood. A lawyer who specialized in French and European corporate law, David lived in Paris for fifteen years. He had been a visitor to our valley since 1995 and was living in New York when he decided that he needed a life that could be lived at a distance from his clients who tended to lean on him, even during vacation time.

So David did what David does, literally found a home on-line, over the internet at 3 am, after a long day at the office. He was in New York; the home was on Murray Canyon Drive. Click, click, and David was, a few weeks later, the proud owner of his new Palm Springs home.

That was in the fall of 2007. David became a full time resident in July, 2014 and quickly got involved. While still serving as ‘of counsel’ to his law firm, David decided to buy a ticket and enjoy ICNO’s first venture into Modernism Week in 2015. He loved it. He wanted to be a part of the action.

It was Kelli Cureton-Hill who suggested he join the ICNO Board of Directors. He did. The benefit to ICNO and the entire city of Palm Springs was immediate.

ICNO was undergoing a major transformation. Once famed for our twice annual neighborhood parties, ICNO had become involved in Modernism Week and neighborhood safety and improvement plans. David became our Vice Chairperson and our representative to ONE-PS. It was a logical extension of his work as a member of the city’s Sustainability Commission which promotes sustainable practices for the city, businesses and residents. It includes large-scale approaches such as solar power generation and water conservation and smaller areas of impact like gas-powered leaf blowers and waste reduction. And, as an ICNO Board member he was working with Susan Cureton-Hill on our participation in Modernism Week.

Meanwhile, the original city-wide consortium of neighborhoods known as PSNIC has changed to become the Organized Neighborhoods of Palm Springs, or ONE-PS, a new and more vibrant organization deeply involved in bringing neighborhood concerns like short-term housing rentals to City Hall.

David was a lawyer. David did the lawyerly thing. He examined the by-laws and legal structure of ICNO and found they were inadequate to cover our growing role. An examination of ONE-PS yielded the same conclusion.

In May of 2015, under Lisa Middleton, then Chairperson of ONE-PS, a Governance committee was formed. The first question to be studied: Was ONE-PS subject to the Brown Act, a state law that governs open meetings in local government?

The answer was No. ONE-PS is composed of independent, local neighborhood organizations. It is a body that operates from “the bottom up,” as David explains it, “and not from the top down.” However, the principles of openness in the Brown Act are highly desirable and should be incorporated.

In late 2015 David re-wrote and up-dated the ONE-PS Bylaws to reflect the Brown Act. They were adopted by ONE-PS, and have become the model for ICNO and other neighborhood organizations participating in ONE-PS.

But there was more work to be done. Our involvement in Modernism Week meant that ICNO had become a money-making entity. So, with David at the wheel, we became one the first neighborhood organization to incorporate and obtain non-profit status from the IRS. David is now training other neighborhoods organizations to follow our path.

You see the results of David’s work in many places. Our new structure made it possible for the new front entranceway at LaVerne and Camino Real, the new on-going list of contributions to local charities, Operation Lighthouses I & II , the sponsorship of the New Years Eve party at the club and lots more to come.

But what does our human hummingbird do for fun? Well, David is a long time opera buff and travels to LA and San Francisco to indulge in his passion. His work on the Sustainability Commission takes him to City Hall on a regular basis and he is among the founders of the Architectural Design Center branch of the Palm Springs Art Museum.

Oh, and did you see David on TV when they recently presented to the City Council the transparency recommendations of the Ethics Transparency and Governmental Reform Task Force that is helping our Palm Springs government to develop a new, more open and responsible relationship with the people it serves?

While doing everything else we just outlined above, David worked with the other members of the task force, including ICNO members Linda Dixon and Chuck Steinman, to develop specific proposals dealing with ethics, conflicts of interest, diversity, election reform, and the city’s grant programs. It was another example of David’s active participation in direct democracy for Palm Springs.

We’re not sure what areas of interest will draw David in next, but you might start looking to see if they’ve installed the Bat Signal down at city hall.



  • Your fundraiser or community event, art show, musical offering, theatrical presentation, workshop, seminar, community calendar or worthy cause goes here. Just send details to:


  • IMPORTANT CHANGE: The monthly meeting of ONE-PS has moved to a new location: You can now attend the meeting in the Facilities Lunchroom at the City Yard located at425 N. Civic Drive near city hall. The January meeting is scheduled for 8am on the 12th.


  • The FEBRUARY meeting of the ICNO Board will be held on Saturday, the 11th, at 9AM, at the North Course Club House on Murray Canyon Drive. All ICNO members and residents in the Indian Canyons Neighborhood at welcome.


“Nobody looks stupid when they’re having fun.”   Ann Poehler


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The Indian Canyons Neighbor

Vol. 2, Issue 3 – December 2016

Written & Edited by Jason & Marjory Lewis – Published by Erica James                           



Thank You, Neighbors!

            There was a goodly sized crowd on hand, Monday, November 14th for the official unveiling of our new Indian Canyons neighborhood entranceway at the corner of Camino Real and LaVerne.

It marked the completion of the first major development project by ICNO, the Indian Canyons Neighborhood Organization.


Palm Springs Mayor, Robert Moon was on hand, along with Denise Goolsby, the new Manager of the Office of Neighborhoods, Finn Flagg, Director of Planning Services, ONE-PS officers and members of the ICNO Board of Advisors. And there were friends and neighbors and folks who had made the whole project possible.

Lot of thanks and congratulations were expressed. This is our brief Thank You to every ICNO member, because you were all a major part of the success of the project. The idea originated with the Development Committee and was implemented by the Board of Advisors and made possible by every member of ICNO who got involved in Modernism Week or took the time to study and vote on the various landscaping designs offered or worked on the planning and implementation of the project or donated your time or materials to the completed work.

That adds up to a great many people. That adds up to a neighborhood. Our neighborhood. Thank you!  (photo contributed by Susan Cureton-Hill)



We love you. Now go home…..please.

       It’s the mark of a great party when nobody wants to leave. Well, for the 150 ICNO members and friends who gathered at the showcase home of Jerry and Marilyn Nies for our fall get-together, that mark was met and exceeded.


According to Steve Bryan, our ICNO Hospitality Chairperson, we set a new record by running out of food before we ran out of time. Of course, due credit goes to our long-time caterer, Lynn Hammond and her crew for another catering job well done.

Steve noted that the party has been expanded from two to three hours in recent years. Even that proved too soon for the folks who stayed on ‘til 7:30.

Of course, we know that they lingered merely to thank Marilyn and Jerry, who once again demonstrated they really understand the How-to in hospitality. (photo courtesy of Linda Ward)


Send Me In, Coach

         When Denise Goolsby was a young athlete growing up in the San Gabriel valley she probably never imagined she’d find herself sitting in an office at City Hall, the newly appointed Manager of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement. But that’s where life with all its twists and turns and an outstanding record in community involvement led this energetic lady whose interests and activities demonstrate a wide open zest for saying ‘Yes’ to opportunity.


An injury ended her athletic dreams but her degree in Physical Education and Athletic Training from Cal. State Fullerton seemed to have her set for a career in coaching.

Instead, she found herself holding down two jobs, Operations Manager for her family’s testing laboratory and manager of the small Bee Charmer Hotel in the Deepwell neighborhood of Palm Springs with her partner, Judy Nelson.

In 1991 Judy was diagnosed with cancer and died just five months later. Denise had two choices, go it alone in the highly competitive hospitality industry or stay in the safety of the family business. Denise, still an athlete at heart, chose to compete and stayed with the Bee Charmer. It was the beginning of a very intimate relationship with her new home town.

Denise got involved. She joined the Palm Springs Hotel Association, the Chamber of Commerce, served on the Tram Board and the Police Advisory Commission, the Palm Springs Human Rights Commission and the Palm Springs Homeless Task Force.

The Bee Charmer was sold in 2002 and Denise was asked by the Desert Sun to join their Editorial Board as a community member, which led to her becoming the Opinion Page Editor, which led her to branching out into a variety of reportorial duties which, in 2009, led to writing about our valley veterans . This led to her current title as the paper’s History and Profiles Columnist, a job she still holds today with a twice monthly column.

When Lee Bono, who grew what is now called ONE-PS from its beginning in 2005, announced her retirement earlier this year, friends suggested that Denise apply for the job.

On October 24th Denise Goolsby became our new manager of the City of Palm Springs Office of Neighborhood Involvement which now oversees the activities of 43 separate neighborhoods. She estimates there are seven more possible neighborhoods which can be organized within the present city boundaries.


You might say we have a new friend at city hall simply because that’s the kind of person Ms. Goolsby is, open, warm, friendly and instantly likeable.

She’s still settling in, but already has a few ideas on her wish list. She talked about the issues surrounding the homeless in Palm Springs and mused, “Maybe there’s a way to tackle the homeless issue. With forty three neighborhoods there’s so much power to do good.”

She also considered using the ONE-PS yearly report to be a method to spread our success story to other cities in the valley.

Within the past several years ONE-PS has undergone tremendous changes in both its structure and its impact on our lives in the city. It is becoming an important part of the direct democracy approach that involves

each of us as citizens in the decisions that affect our daily lives. We welcome Denise Goolsby to her new role in the growth of our city and look forward to introducing her to our membership at the annual meeting in January.



         Next month we’ll bring you ONE-PS 101, a special article about the structure and function of this vital city department. Your host will be David Freedman, vice chair of ICNO and our liaison to ONE-PS. As you will learn, David’s contribution to ONE-PS has been of major importance to this increasingly active city service.


……. and auld lang syne !!!


To put it mildly, we are having a party, a humongous New Year’s Eve blast at the Indian Canyon’s North Course Club House on December 31st.

All the details are on our website at under the EVENTS banner, but we’ll leak a few details that might be of interest.

First of all, you get two choices; a three course dinner with a choice of entrees and dancing from 7pm till 1pm or just dancing from 10pm till 1am.

Secondly, the music and the entertainment comes from the Gand Band. Now we know you’re excited.

Thirdly, it’s a BYOW event with a modest corkage fee. There’s also a full service cash bar and the club’s own extensive wine list so you can mix and match and merry –make just as you would have it.

Lastly, although this is an ICNO sponsored event, it’s a party open to all and everybody and friends from anywhere. You can even buy a table of ten and create your own mini- New Year’s Ball.

There’s a lot more detail at the website and you can pay by credit card or Pay Pal right on-line. We would suggest that you reserve ASAP as space is limited and , if last year’s success was any indicator of what’s to come, you want to get your place reserved RIGHT NOW!



  • Your fundraiser or community event, art show or theatrical presentation, community calendar notice or worthy cause goes here. Just send the details to:


  • The next ONE-PS meeting will be at 8am on Thursday, December 8th at the Fire Dept. Training Center, 3000 East Alejo Rd. The meeting is open to the public.


  • The next meeting of the ICNO Board of Advisors will be at 9am on Saturday, December 10th, at the Indian Canyons Resort clubhouse on Murray Canyon. The meeting is open to all ICNJO members and residents of the Indian Canyons Neighborhood.


“Love that stammers, that stutters, is apt to be the love that loves best.”

Gabriela Mistral


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The Indian Canyons Neighbor

Vol. 2, Issue 2 – November 2016

Written & Edited by Jason & Marjory Lewis – Published by Erica James                                                  




Coming…to a Neighborhood near You!


The ribbon is back in place and ready for the rescheduled dedication of our new entrance at the corner of Camino Real and LaVerne Way.

Bruce Moccia, the Chairperson for the Indian Canyons Neighborhood Organization, announced that Mayor Robert Moon will preside over the ribbon cutting ceremony at 2:30 pm on Monday, November 14th. Members of the ICNO Board of Advisors and representatives of the many local companies that made the revitalization project so successful will be in attendance. You, of course, are most cordially invited. As an ICNO member, you helped make the project possible, so please come and join in our thanks.



Jason Lewis, Editor


The ground has been dancing up and down around the Salton Sea. Recent reports of hundreds of small quakes and tremors led scientists to raise a quiet note of concern about the increased possibility of a major earthquake in the valley.

Three years ago I completed the CERT Training course at the Palm Springs Fire Department. CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team, a federally certified course administered by Anjila Lebsock, CEM, the city’s Emergency Services Coordinator, that addresses a very simple fact: 90% of earthquake survivors are saved by other survivors. There’s a simple reason for that, it’s all in the numbers.

Palm Springs has 57 First Responders who operate five fire stations around the clock in three shifts every day. Palm Springs has more than 47,000 full and part time residents and all those thousands of visitors who flock to our city every day. If, and when a major disaster strikes, those First Responders will be totally occupied with the worst scenario duties. Each of us will have to fend for ourselves for up to 72 hours or even longer.

That’s where Anjila’s office and services come in. She’s here NOW to help you prepare for THEN.


You can go big and sign up for a CERT training course. It costs $50 and covers 20 hours of both classroom and hands on training. ( If you think that might be too physically demanding, your correspondent was 74 when he took the course.)

You can keep it simple and just prepare a ‘bug out bag’ – a backpack or just a simple sack filled with the necessary supplies you’ll need to survive for 72 hours or longer while you’re waiting for professional help to arrive.

There’s also the new Neighbor to Neighbor program, a PDF file you can download for home study. Get enough neighbors together for a workshop (yes, the ICNO Safety Committee is working on this) and Anjila may come and teach it herself.

There is a wealth of other materials available from Anjila’s office. You can call 760-323-8185 or contact for more information.

The ICNO Safety Committee is planning a second neighborhood safety conference in mid-January, and we’ll have more details soon. But it wouldn’t hurt if you got ahead of the curve and got prepared now, would it? Did you know, for example, that you can bake biscuits in a cardboard box when all the gas and electricity are off?


If at first you do succeed……..


Might just be the motto for our neighbors, Cal Partridge and Todd Anderson. You might remember that their mid-century showpiece on South Alhambra was one of the featured homes during the Indian Canyons Neighborhood Home Tour last February.


Well, a few weeks ago, ten ICNO volunteer docents showed up once again to guide more than 400 visitors through the home as it became a must-see part of the ONE-PS Pads, Pools and Patios Tour.

According to Cal who, along with partner Todd, was on hand to greet every visitor, this mini-modernism crowd was substantially different from the February visitors.

“In February we had a large number of visitors from overseas and all over the United States,” he noted. “This time about 80% of the visitors were from California.”


Susan Cureton-Hill who coordinated the event for ICNO reported another day of Ohhhhs and Ahhhhs for this beautiful property, which Cal and Todd have owned since 2014. A Thomboy reclamation project, much of the work and credit for the stunning patio and pool area can be credited to the new owners. These pictures tell the story.


News from the Club House


Gene Molenkamp dropped us a note from the 19th hole. The North Course is now open, and the South Course will re-open on November 21st. A great idea: breakfast at the grill with a 10% discount from 8 to 10am. The grill is currently open from 8 am ‘til 2pm every day. On November 21st the grill resumes regular hours.




  • Your fundraiser or community event, art show or theatrical presentation, community calendar notice or worth cause goes here. Just send the details to:


  • The next ONE-PS meeting will be at 8am on Thursday, November 10th, at the Fire Dept. Training Center, 3000 East Alejo Rd. The meeting is open to the public.


  • Our Fall Neighborhood Party night is Saturday, November 12th at the home of Jerry and Marilyn Jerry Nies, 1330 E. Murray Canyon Drive. It starts at 4 pm and runs till 7 pm with fabulous food & drinks catered by Lynn Hammond. If you haven’t RSVP’d, do it NOW! E-mail Steve Bryan at


  • The next meeting of the ICNO Board of Advisors will be at 9 am on Saturday, November 12th at the Indian Canyons Resort Club on Murray Canyon. The meeting is open to all ICNO members and Indian Canyons residents.


  • ICNO members Jason and Marjy Lewis are currently appearing in the Agatha Christie classic murder mystery A Murder is Announced in the Arthur Newman Theater at the Joslyn Center in Palm Desert, just a few blocks from the MacCallum Theater. The final weekend is Nov. 11 – 13, with matinees on Sat. & Sun. For tickets call 760-980-1455 or go to



“Want to know what God thinks of people with money?  Look at the people he gave it to.”    

 Dorothy Parker


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Vol. 2The Indian Canyons Neighbor Issue #1          

Written & Edited by Jason & Marjory Lewis – Published by Erica James                                                                                                                     



Calendars Out-Pencils at the Ready, Please


We Proudly Dedicate….

…our beautiful new front door, the newly re-landscaped entrance to our Indian Canyon Neighborhood at the corner of Camino Real and LaVerne Way.

It was a labor of love that combined the talents of many of our ICNO members, the generous participation by local business firms such as Hot Purple Energy, Low Desert Rock, Mariscal Cactus Nurseries and True Value Hardware, along with the skilled professional help of landscape designer David Ross Pittman, power washing and artificial turf from Jeff Fairfield, and on-going maintenance from Armando Diaz.

The biggest thank you, however, might go to all the ICNO volunteers who have made our participation in Modernism Week for the past two years such a popular success with visitors, because all of the funding for this major renovation work came from monies earned by our participation in this annual event.

The formal dedication ceremonies will take place on Tuesday, October 18th at 2pm at the new entranceway.

A press release has been sent out to area newspapers, magazines, and TV stations, and local dignitaries such as Mayor Robert Moon have been invited.

However, you are our most important invitee and we hope you’ll join us for the dedication and the celebration. (Thank you, Linda Ward, for photos.)




Some Sad News, Perhaps

The city has cut back funding to the annual Festival of Lights Parade in early December. That means that if ICNO wished to participate and celebrate our neighborhood with a large balloon, we’ll have to pay for it. The cost is far outside our budget.

At the same time, we have been unable to find someone to replace Kelly Cureton-Hill as head of the parade committee, although we still have our costumes, banner, and other supplies from previous parades.

There’s still time for someone to step up and keep us marching. If that someone is you, now would be a very good time to contact our chairperson, Bruce Moccia at



Evening will be arriving earlier by Saturday, November 12, at the lovely home of Marilyn and Jerry Nies. You might have toured the house during Modernism Week, but now you’re cordially invited to the Fall ICNO Neighborhood Party at 1330 E. Murray Canyon Drive.

The festivities will be catered, as always, by Lynn Hammond and her super crew with free drinks and nibbles from 4 to 7pm.

The party is free to all current ICNO members and you’ll want to get your reservations in now. 170 friends and neighbors had a blast at the spring get-together. You can avoid standing in the registration line by reserving your spot now. Just email Steve Bryan at before November 8th. And don’t forget to tell Steve the total number of guests in your party when you RSVP. He needs it for an accurate head count.

Not an ICNO member? Dues are just $50.00 a year and that includes two parties, workshops, and lots of opportunities to get involved in our neighborhood life. Just read on…..and use our website to join up,


What are you doing, New Years?

Perhaps you were one of the 135 folks who danced and dined their way into the New Year at the Indian Canyons Golf Resort when this year kicked off? Then you remember what a good time was had by all.

Perhaps you’d like to repeat the experience or be a part of this year’s party, same time, same place, and the great Gand Band, we hope, we hope, to boot.

I CNO member-at-large DeeAnn McCoy would like to get an idea of who might be interested in attending this great party at the clubhouse to welcome 2017. If you’d like to join your friends and neighbors, from in the canyons and all over the valley, please email DeeAnn with your interest,



And Speaking of 2017


You can mark your calendar now for a double-barreled date, January 14th, 2017. We’ll combine our annual membership meeting with our second annual neighborhood safety conference. The total program is still being assembled, but it is our own neighborhood election date, and Operation Lighthouse II will bring us a lot of technical information about personal and home safety. You’ll get more details via this newsletter, NextDoor, and email blasts in the coming months.


—We’d like to talk With You —

Our Indian Canyons Neighborhood is filled with interesting people who do noteworthy things. Unfortunately, you are also uncommonly modest.

What’s the name of this newsletter? The Neighbor. So, how about it, neighbor; how about sharing a part of your life with the rest of us?

We know that some of you are artists, or musicians, or performers, or supporters of the arts. We’d like to publicize your work or your participation in the cultural life of our valley.

Or perhaps you’re involved in the things that make our valley a destination, like the Air Museum or the Tram, or the Children’s Museum.

Perhaps you work for one of our many great public service agencies such as the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center or Roy’s Place, or the Desert ARC, or Animal Samaritans, or Shelter from the Storm. The list is very, very long and you can help publicize their stories and needs.

Then there are you folks with unusual or interesting or noteworthy jobs. We’re looking for you, too.

In other words, we’d like you to share with us because we all benefit.

There are two ways to do it. Our Profiles are longer pieces centered on the people in the stories. People-Places-Things is a good place to spread the word about the activities of the charities, cultural or artistic happenings, and special events.

Just drop us a line at It couldn’t hurt to spread the word now, could it?



Your fund raiser or community event, art show or theatrical presentation, community calendar notice or worthy cause goes here. Just send the details to:


The next meeting of the ICNO Board of Advisors will be at 9 am, Saturday, October 15th at the Indian Canyons Resort Club House on North Murray Canyon. The meeting is open to all ICNO members and Indian Canyons residents.


The next ONE-PS meeting will be at 8am on Thursday October 13th-at the Fire Dept. Training Center, 3000 East Alejo Road. The meeting is open to the public.

Devra Lieb, our President, has announced that six currently occupied seats on the Board of Advisors will become open this January. While some present board members may opt to remain in their positions, there will probably be some positions available for new neighborhood members to join the board. If you’re interested contact Devra at:


Like to give away money? Michael Hanley chairs our Development Committee and he’s looking for both committee members and new suggestions. Your ideas this year to date have led to ICNO donations to our police and fire departments, the Palm Springs Animal Shelter, and the Well in the Desert. What other local charities, institutions, programs, or good works do YOU think might be worthy recipients? Just contact Michael with your suggestions and ideas at



“It’s my belief we developed language because of our deep need to complain.”       Lily Tomlin


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Vol. 1The Indian Canyons Neighbor Issue #9

Written & Edited by Jason & Marjory Lewis – Published by Erica James



In Case You Hadn’t Noticed…..



There’s a beautiful new look to our front door, as it were, at the corner of Camino Real and LaVerne, and what’s really impressive is that the work stretches all the way down Laverne to the corner of Calle Palo Fierro. The two and a half week makeover of our Indian Canyons Neighborhood entranceway was designed and created by David Ross Pittman (see profile story, this issue) and his crew of talented landscapers. David also acquired the generous cooperation of our neighbors whose homes front the entranceway as ICNO Board member David Freedman secured the necessary permits. The project was funded by the new ICNO Development Committee and full scale dedication ceremony is planned for October.

The generosity of the vendors who supplied the cacti and succulents, the rock and stone, the solar lighting system, and the sandblasting and weed mitigation made this major make-over truly affordable. Quite simply, we didn’t pay anything near bust-out retail, if you get my meaning. And in the case of Hot Purple Energy who contributed the solar lighting system and True Value Hardware, who recently donated the buckets and lids for our volunteer watering crew, there was no charge at all. We hope you will remember these Friends of ICNO who contributed so much to the project. That includes Low Desert Rock Supply and Mariscal, Cactus and Succulents, both in Desert Hot Springs and Clean and Seal/ Palm Springs Green ( for synthetic turf) both owned by Jeff Fairfield.

Trivia Note: Did you know that ICNO Board members used to maintain the site by going down and weeding by hand? We have the pictures to prove it.



Now and Then with Phil and Bruce



Philip Brent and Bruce Moccia have been together for a long time, 24½ years to be exact. They have lived in their recently desert-scaped home on Yosemite for fourteen years. And Phil and Bruce have been a part of the Indian Canyons Neighborhood Organization from its inception. In fact, Phil was the first Chairman of the Board of Advisors and Bruce is the current Chairman.

According to Bruce (seen here on the right), the idea for ICNO grew out of a conversation between Phil, Tom Rollerson and Michael Erickson back in 2009. It was further strengthened by Phil and Bruce’s experience with the Tennis Club neighborhood Organization and how it brought neighbors together.

That was the founding concept for ICNO, an organization to promote neighbor to neighbor networking through social interaction. The idea was floated to other Indian Canyon homeowners at a meeting at the Canyon Golf Club and was very successful. At the first meeting, residents from 110 households showed up and ICNO started to become a reality.

Seven years ago ICNO was known for its two annual neighborhood parties. Today the organization has become even more active in bringing neighbor to neighbor. Next year will see our third participation in the Festival of Lights Parade and both the fall and winter Modernism events. Operation Lighthouse II is in the planning stages to continue exploring improved home safety and security, while a series of parties, perhaps to include a New Years Eve bash at the club are being explored. The Development Committee is investigating contributions to our neighborhood and our city, and the Board of Advisors continues to explore new avenues for service to the membership.

It’s a pretty sure bet that Bruce and Phil will continue to be active in ICNO. It’s so much fun to watch your brain child grow up.


A Cool Gift on a Very Hot Day

It was record-setting hot at noontime on Monday, June 20th in Palm Springs. At The Well in the Desert they were serving lunch to the homeless, just as they do every day. One group of visitors, however, had a different reason to visit the Well’s new headquarters in the First Baptist Church, at 588 Rosa Parks Road. Follow along as we demonstrate how one email can be worth $1000.00.

To start, Marjy Lewis, an ICNO member (and co-Editor of this newsletter) has been a luncheon volunteer at the Well in the Desert for the last three years or so. As a volunteer, she was well aware of the huge financial needs the Well incurs in providing a variety of help to the homeless and the poor in Palm Springs.

Now, move onward to Modernism Week, a very important event in Palm Springs each year. What could tour of mid-century homes mean to the homeless?


It works this way. Several years ago, under the leadership of then ICNO president, Larry DaSilva, and Susan Cureton-Hill, who headed our own Modernism Week Committee, with a major assist from ICNO Vice Chair, David Freedman we became a part of the event. That participation earned us more than $25,000 over a two-year period. That led to the formation of the ICNO Development Committee, headed by Michael Hanley. The committee solicited suggestions, seeking worthy recipients in Palm Springs, so Marjy Lewis wrote and suggested The Well in the Desert. Thus the circle was completed, and The Well in the Desert became the recipient of a $1,000 donation. Here we see, from left, Marjy and Larry, along with Arlene Rosenthal, Director of The Well, David Freedman, Philip Brent, and David Pittman. (Thank you, Linda Ward, for the photo.) Other recipients this year have been the Palm Springs Police and Fire Departments.

In the same vein, Carl Johnson, an ICNO member and volunteer at the Palm Springs Animal Shelter recently joined members of the ICNO Board of Advisors in delivering a $1000. donation to that worthy organization. From left, they are Dr. Shayda Ahkami, Director and Veterinarian, David Pittman, Susan Cureton-Hill, Carl Johnson, Rosemary Ramsay (shelter staff), Philip Brent, and Tamara Hedges (board member of the Friends of the PS Animal Shelter).


There’s an obvious moral to this story. Are you an ICNO member? Are you involved with a local charity, organization, or non-profit group located in Palm Springs which provides needed services in our valley? Some examples would include S.O.S., The Mizell Senior Center, Roy’s Place, and the Desert AIDS Project. You might want to contact Michael Hanley at And while you’re at it, get in touch with us at the Newsletter, . We’d love to hear about the good works and valuable services you are involved with.


David Pittman Does Things Beautifully



There are two things you notice about David Pittman if you visit the home on Caliente he has shared with his partner, Donald McInnes, since the couple moved to Palm Springs in 2003: a quiet sense of great taste and a true talent for design. The third thing you’ll probably notice is that David is a man who speaks slowly and with a gentle sense of modesty.


David (right) & Donald, with Max & Rex


David is our newest committee head working with the ICNO Board of Advisors. While most committee members labor in relative obscurity, David’s work is the first thing you see when you enter our neighborhood at Camino Real and LaVerne. That’s his design for our expanded, much improved, quietly impressive front entrance. That’s also his sweat and labor, as David and Armando Diaz and his talented crew have labored under the very hot sun during May and June.

David has a lot of experience with tasteful design going all the way back to his graduation from Wake Forest back in the day. Straight out of school David opened his own boutique specializing in luggage and other leather goods and accessories.

That led to his own design shop creating custom, hand-tailored clothing for men and women, which led to a stint at Nordstroms in LA. Along the way, friends began asking David to beautify their homes.

When David and Donald moved to Palm Springs thirteen years ago, David quickly became sought after as an interior designer, home remodeler, and landscape architect. Today, he concentrates on property management and landscape design, and his work is on display in the front yards of many Indian Canyon homes.

David’s next service to our neighborhood will embrace home security. Outdoor accent lighting does far more than just beautify a home. It creates an island of light that makes a home a far less inviting target of opportunity to those with criminal mischief on their minds. If you’d like to test out that statement, drive around your own neighborhood at night and think to yourself, “which of these homes looks unoccupied and ready for a midnight visit?”

David will share his thoughts with all of us at Operation Lighthouse II next fall. Until then, and the formal dedication of the new Indian Canyons entranceway, thank you David, for a job well done.


Wanted: Parade Leader- No Exp. Rqrd


We have an important committee chair position to fill. Although the annual Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade in early December may seem a long ways off, we need to find a new leader as quickly as possible. This year will mark our third participation in this major event. Fortunately, a lot of mentoring help will be available from Kelli and Susan Cureton-Hill who honchoed our 30+ volunteer balloon handlers and marchers in our first two parades. Unfortunately, they will both be out of town for this year’s parade. You can get more information about this important job from ICNO Co-Chair Bruce Moccia at




  • The monthly meeting of the ICNO Board of Advisors is suspended during July and August. The meetings will resume in September. An e-blast with time, date, and place will be sent out after Labor Day.


  • The July meeting of One-PS will be held at 8 am, July 14th at the Fire Dept. Training Center, 3000 E. Alejo Drive. There will be no meeting in August.


  • The ICNO Newsletter is published from September until June. We’ll see you all again in the fall.


“Virtue would not go far without vanity to escort her.”

Francois, Duc de la Rochefoucauld