Annual Meeting

Minutes ICNO Annual Meeting January 14, 2017


Call to order 9:00 am.


Roll Call of Directors: Bruce Moccia, Steve Bryan, David Freedman, Mark Gold, Jerry Nies, Devra Lieb, Mike Dixon, David Ross Pittman, Steve Buchanan, Erica James.


Absent: DeeAnn McCoy, Mike Hanley.


Also introduced: Susan Cureton-Hill, Jason Lewis, Judy Jensen, Carolyn Lumber.


Attending: This is the Annual Meeting. Approximately 100 Indian Canyon neighbors are attending.


Approval of minutes from Board meeting of December 10, 2016: Approved by Board members in attendance.


Introduction of current Board members.


Comments from Mayor Moon:


  • Scope of the downtown redevelopment project reduced by 49%.
  • Kimpton Hotel development downtown running behind by five or six months.
  • Working on the open area park leading up to the Palm Springs Art Museum, and working on re-acquiring the Forever Marilyn statue. Cost is approximately $5.3 million.
  • Not adequate parking downtown. City must maintain the parking that has been installed, but is prohibited from charging the developers. Likewise with landscaping.
  • Small hotels and restaurants are booming.
  • Downtown retail is still a question mark, but the West Elm store is the largest grossing West Elm in the US.
  • CV Link is still being discussed, but not much community interest. Town hall meetings will be scheduled to examine CV Link pros and cons.
  • City is still working on some sort of compromise regarding vacation rentals
  • Homelessness is an ongoing, expensive problem. Currently, cities in the Coachella Valley are looking for a shelter location to house at least 50 people, and there is not a plan to fund yet. Palm Springs has six people on staff with a budget of $1M, to deal with the homeless problem.
  • The Plaza Theatre is owned now by Palm Springs and discussions are underway to revitalize. The theatre has been given historical status so it won’t be torn down, but the city is saying that it will take at least $5 M to restore.
  • Historical preservation in general is important to Palm Springs, and the current City Council has made this a priority.
  • The Agua Caliente tribe has just submitted their environmental impact report for the 18 acres that they will be redeveloping downtown. The tribe will hold a public hearing in February.
  • The city is approximately $250M in debt, and about $128M is unfunded pension liability. Other important expenditures include street maintenance, renovation of Fire Station #4, which is a historic building, and maintenance of City Hall to eliminate a leaky roof.


Comments from Fire Chief Nalder:


  • Fire Station #4, an historic building, as well as a working fire station serving our neighborhood, has been in disrepair for many years. Sewage problems, roof leaks, rat infestation, etc., were so bad, that fire fighters moved into a trailer home on property so that crews could begin to repair the station and add 2500 square feet for clean room and de-con areas. The building will also be renovated consistent with the original architecture over a period of 18 months and $3M, subject to Council approval.
  • Fire Station #5 reopened and is serving Indian Canyons along with Fire Station #1 while #4 is being refurbished.
  • Paramedic/fire engine response procedure was also discussed, with the Chief pointing out that each fire engine response team has three fire fighters, all of whom are paramedics trained in advanced life support. This increases quality of care and reduces call time.
  • The Chief also recommended neighbor helping neighbor training, which is a modified CERT emergency preparedness program.


Comments from Police Officer Sanders:


  • Thank you ICNO for your donation to the canine unit.
  • January 1, 2016 – January 9, 2017, part 1 crime stats: 29 total calls, 10 residential burglaries, 11 thefts from vehicles (seven unlocked), plus a number of pool pump thefts.
  • You can log the pool pump serial numbers to identify the owner, and help prosecute the thief.
  • Most crimes of this nature are handled by dispatcher unless the person who reports the crime requests an officer to come out to the crime scene to discuss suspect information.
  • To register a bike, take it down to the police station and staff will assist.


Comments from Todd Connelly:

760 833 8700


  • A letter will be going out on Monday, January 16, regarding the golf courses.
  • Peripheral areas have been watered less during the past year to conserve water. Areas not in play will not be watered.
  • The water was completely turned off this past June, July and August.
  • The tribe has decided that the golf courses will remain golf courses.
  • The tribe is making a substantial investment in equipment for both courses.
  • A plan is being worked on to beautify the areas that only have dirt and no vegetation, but the tribe has to approve.
  • Property lines must be adhered to. Golf course is not a dog park and tribe can’t allow dogs on the course. Gates will be closed later to prevent this, and police will be called for violations.
  • North golf course will be closed June-August, and peripheral areas will be minimally watered.
  • Todd wants to reach an agreement with ICNO to reopen the North course clubhouse now that the tribe has decided to keep the golf course open.


Treasurer’s Report, Steve Bryan:


ICNO ended the year with $2,300 in the operations account that is a result of membership revenues.  Major operational expenses are renting the clubhouse once a year and the spring and fall parties, where attendance has more than doubled from 75-80 people four years ago to an average of 165 people for past two years.


There is $9,800 left in the Modernism account, which is to be used for charity or neighborhood improvements. Major expenses for the year were $3,500 for charitable contributions and $12,000 for the LaVerne landscaping project, which has been an ongoing eyesore and topic of discussion for years.


The 2017 Modernism revenues of $21,000 have just been deposited into our account; however, no Modernism event expenses (budgeted at $5,000) have been paid.

Membership Report, Steve Buchanan: ICNO has 125 members for 2017 so far.


Election of new Board members: Pursuant to the Bylaws, nominations for reelection and election to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting were due by November 30. The nominees for reelection to two-year terms are: Bruce Moccia, Jerry Nies, David Freedman, Mark Gold. The nominee for election to a two-year term is Carolyn Lumber.


All nominees for election / reelection to the Board were approved by acclamation. Judy Jensen will be appointed to the Board at the next Board meeting.


ONE-PS 2016 highlights and plans for 2017, David Freedman:


  • Incorporation as a California nonprofit public benefit corporation and obtaining tax exempt status from the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board, and training other neighborhoods how to do so, following ICNO’s lead and documentation.
  • Adopting new Bylaws, with a strong commitment to transparency.
  • Raising nearly $20,000 at the Modernism Week home tour in October, with our own Cal Partridge and Todd Anderson generously opening their home, and ICNO volunteers serving as their docents.
  • Obtaining insurance for ONE-PS as well as for the Modernism Week tour homeowners, following ICNO’s lead and documentation.
  • Working with City staff and the Measure J Oversight Commission to identify proprieties for street repair, which led to the repaving of Murray Canyon Drive and the new bike lane.
  • Publishing the ONE-PS Guide to Palm Springs Neighborhoods, which raised the awareness of Indian Canyons and 40 other neighborhoods, and more than $7500 in revenue for ONE-PS.
  • In 2017, we will be working with City staff and the City Council to update the 2005 ordinance governing the City’s relationship with ONE-PS and the neighborhood organizations, in order to reflect the major advances they have made in the past 12 years.
  • ONE-PS is planning many 2017 activities, including participation in Black History Month next month, Modernism Week in October and Pride in November, along with the annual picnic on March 25 and a candidate forum in October.


Introduction of Denise Goolsby the new manager of the Palm Springs Office of Neighborhoods. Denise is largely responsible for resolving issues as the liaison between the community and city.


Committee Reports:


Safety, Jerry Nies:

Operation Lighthouse II immediately following the Annual Meeting. This presentation examines safety and security measures that we can utilize to protect ourselves and our property, including the Servpro Emergency Ready Profile.


Modernism Committee, Susan Cureton-Hill:


Thanks to the homeowners for opening up their homes!


There are still volunteer positions open for the tour!


Appetito and Koffi at the corner of Camino Real and East Palm Canyon Drive are serving as the new tour check-in location.


Website, Erica James:


The ICNO website is up and running


ICNO Newsletter, Jason Lewis:


The newsletter is always looking for human interest stories pertaining to our neighbors and neighborhood.

New Business:


ICNO is looking for social committee members to help with events at the North course clubhouse.


Adjournment. The Board will meet February 11 at 9:00 am at the North course clubhouse.


#    #    #    #    #

Agenda ICNO Annual Meeting of the General Membership January 16, 2016 at the Commune Room of the Ace Hotel.

Registration started at 8:30 AM.

Call to order 9 AM

Because we could only have the room for 30 minutes and we wanted to leave time for the Mayor to speak, the meeting was truncated and some announced agenda items were combined or omitted.

Roll Call of Board:

Present: Bruce Moccia, Mike Hanley, Mark Gold, Erica James, Cody Sanford, Steve Bryan, David Freedman

Absent: Jerry Nies, Devra Lieb

Approval of minutes

Treasurer’s Report, Membership report, Social Committee report: Steve Bryan

Steve reported that we had a balance of $25,000 in our Modernism account and a balance of $800 at the end of the year in our operating account. We already have 115 members signed up in spite of the increase in dues and now have approximately $6000 in the operating account. Steve explained the necessity for the increase: that the cost of the parties has gone up due to increased attendance and that the Modernism funds are not to be used for operating expenses or for parties per the charter from the Modernism Week Organization.

Newsletter: Jason Lewis

Jason was introduced and said that the focus of the new newsletter was on the residents of ICNO. He would like to profile ICNO members in future issues and asked that anyone interested in telling their story please get in contact with him.

Board elections: There are 12 board positions, each for a two-year term. The terms of three board members, Cody, Erica, and Steve, are up and there are three vacant positions. Cody, Erica, and Steve volunteered to serve each for another term and Deeann McCoy and Steve Buchannon put themselves up for two of the vacant seats. All were elected unanimously without comment. There is still one position open and the board may fill it at its discretion. If anyone would like to serve, please contact any board member. The new board will elect its officers at the next boardmeeting.

ONE-PS report: David Freedman

ONE-PS is well represented by ICNO. Larry DaSilva, ICNO’s past Chairman, is the treasurer and David is on the Governance Committee. David has been tasked with drafting the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws that will be the model for all NORGs. Copies of the Articles of Incorporation, the revised Bylaws, and the resolution to adopt non-profit status were handed out before the meeting. They were voted on and passed unanimously without comment. The Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws will be posted on the website.

Bruce then introduced Officer Steven Sanders of the Palm Springs Police Department who is the liaison officer to ICNO. Since crime and safety are two of the biggest concerns of ICNO members, he cited the recent police activity report for our neighborhood. In the last two months, there have been one reported incident of grand theft, two incidents of petty theft, and four burglaries. He noted that in four cases, criminals had gained access to homes through unlocked doors or sliders. We must not make it easy for criminals, otherwise our neighborhood will get a reputation as “easy pickings” and they will keep coming back.

David Freedman then introduced Mayor Moon.

Mayor Moon said that he he had only been in office for 5 weeks so he didn’t have many answers yet, but he vowed to deal with crime and the homeless, issues that have become a growing concern. He noted that crime throughout the city was a greater problem than most people realize as much of it is not reported in the press. He said that the city has been given the opportunity to acquire a building downtown that could house the offices of the various agencies that deal with the homeless. Services to the homeless would be provided there though it would not be a shelter. The city is conducting a feasibility study to see how much it would cost to renovate the building to meet its intended function. He stated that he was for responsible development in the city and that they city needed to plan and grow for the future without abandoning its past. He said he would fight to preserve the Town and Country Center complex and other buildings of historical interest. When asked why requests to the Measure J Committee concerning street repairs seemed to ignored, he suggested it would be more efficient to go to the city directly. ICNO will take up the issue of the condition of the streets in the neighborhood in its next board meeting.

Committee Reports:

Safety: Based on the success of the November town meeting, ICNO will sponsor another meeting in the Spring. Officer Sanders volunteered to attend. Jerry also got a quote from O’Linn security who also works for the club. It would cost ICNO $1875 a month to have a patrol car canvas the neighborhood twice an evening/night. We will solicit further bids and discuss at the next board meeting and security town meeting.

Parade: Kelli Cureton-Hill was introduced and praised for the terrific job she did organizing this year’s Christmas parade. As she is stepping down, ICNO is looking for another person to chair the parade committee.

Modernism: Susan Cureton-Hill announced the all tickets for both tour times have been sold. We still need volunteers to be docents. Anyone interested should contact Susan. All docents will get to preview the homes on the tour beforehand. Susan has also created a souvenir brochure to be given out at the tour.

Web Site: Erica James volunteered to help anyone having trouble registering through the website. We are working to resolve the kinks and eliminate the bugs.

Development: Michael Hanley is the chair of the new Development Committee. It is tasked with distributing the monies generated from Modernism events. The committee will field and develop proposals from members for the betterment and beautification of the neighborhood and to make charitable contributions in ICNO’s name. Anyone wishing to participate should contact Mike.

Social: Steve Bryan noted that the New Year’s Eve party organized by the Thomboys, Jackie Thomas and Deeann McCoy, was a sold out financial success. The club was very pleased and would like to have more events like this. Steve is looking for volunteers to be on the committee to help with these events, perhaps a brunch, a dinner, or a dance. If we could organize three or four events a year, we may be able to convince the club to open on a more regular basis.

Tour of Desert Regional Medical Center: David Freedman announced that the Desert Regional Medical Center has started an outreach program to the NORGs so that the communities are better acquainted with its facilities and resources. Anyone interested in this should contact David and he will coordinate with Desert Regional to set up a tour.

Adjournment: 9:30

The next board meeting will be Saturday, February 6 at 9 AM in the Boardroom of the North Clubhouse.