Board of Directors Meeting – December 16, 2017

Minutes: ICNO Board Meeting December 16, 2017


Call to order


Roll call:


Present: Bruce Moccia, David Freedman, Judy Jensen, DeeAnn McCoy, Steve Bryan, Mike Dixon, Mark Gold, Carolyn Lumber


Absent: David Ross Pittman, Steve Buchanan, Erica James, Jerry Nies


Minutes of the last meeting: Approved unanimously.


Membership report: We currently have 194 members. We will have two types of membership, anyone and everyone can be a free member. Paid memberships will be $50 annually per household, which will include admission to the spring and fall parties.


Financial report: David Freedman


As of December 15, 2017, the bank account and PayPal balances total $27,616.78. This total is divided among the three internal accounts as follows:


Operational: $  5,786.20

Modernism: $18,961.32

Clubhouse:   $ 2,869.26


New Year’s Eve party: DeeAnn McCoy


As of December 16, there were only 22 people signed up for the New Year’s Eve party. We need 85 to break even. The board passed a motion unanimously to cancel the event if there aren’t enough reservations by December 20. We are on the hook for the Gand Band’s fee and our contract with the club. DeeAnn will try to negotiate a reduced exit package with both parties if the New Year’s Eve party is cancelled. [Note: Additional reservations came in after the Board meeting, so the party is going on as scheduled.]


Annual meeting: The Board approved the letter to be mailed to all homeowners in the neighborhood. On the agenda for the meeting will be Todd Hooks from the Tribe (to speak at approximately 9:15). David Freedman will request appearances by the Mayor and representatives from the police department and the fire department. Denise Goolsby, Manager of the Palm Springs Office of Neighborhoods, has already confirmed she will attend.


Board nominees are: Darlene Aut, Steve Bryan, Taylor Cushmore, Mike Dixon, DeeAnn McCoy, Ron Parks, David Ross Pittman, Steve Villa, and Arlene Young. Bruce will ask each of them to write up a brief bio, which will be attached to the ballot and posted to the website. David will draw up a proposed ballot. We will introduce the candidates at the very start of the meeting and conduct the voting while the body of the meeting is going on. We will ask all continuing and newly elected Board members to remain for a very brief Board meeting after the annual meeting adjourns.


Bylaws: The Board unanimously approved the proposed bylaws with minor tweaks that David Freedman will incorporate. We will post them on the website prior to the January meeting and have the membership vote at the January annual meeting.


2018 budget approval process; establishment of Finance Committee: Ron Parks


The Board authorized Ron Parks to explore forming a finance committee to draw up a proposed 2018 budget, to be considered by the Board at the meeting that will immediately follow the annual meeting.


ONE-PS report: David Freedman, attached.


Modernism Week: Cocktails in the Canyon budget approved unanimously. Tickets are on sale now on the Modernism Week website, and we will vigorously promote the event after the first of the year.


Safety Seminar: Tabled until the new Board is in place.


Website: We need a recommendation from Greg concerning continuing with the Geeks.


Neighborhood Watch Signage: Judy Jensen


E Santiago Way, Elaine Hagmann

At the start of each street, Paul Hanneman

South end of Palo Fierro, Linda Williamson

Camino Real at King’s Point, Susan Lindsey Cohen

Palo Fierro at Santiago, Sierra Madre, Lori Cohen-Sanford

Via Estrella and Caliente, Marc Rouse


Judy brought a map and mentioned that except for the proposed sign on Via Estrella, there are already signs in close proximity to the other proposed sites. David Freedman will follow up with the City to have the one sign installed after it is purchased, and we will discuss further at the January annual meeting. The Board approved the costs for purchasing and installing the sign.


Tribe report: We are still waiting for a proposal from the Tribe regarding social memberships, but nothing would be offered before next season in any event. Perhaps we will hear something from Todd Hooks in January.


We still need a volunteer for the newsletter, which we will solicit at the annual meeting in January.


Watering Schedule: We are good through the end of the year. We will post a sign-up sheet at the January annual meeting.



ONE-PS Report for ICNO Board Meeting of December 16, 2017


  • City Council at its meeting on December 13 approved a $1.3 million slurry seal street maintenance program, which includes the following Indian Canyons streets:




Council is scheduled to accept bids for the work at its February 7, 2018, meeting, and the work will be done in the spring. The missing streets (Camino Real from the southern end of Via Lazo to Murray Canyon and Sierra Way between Camino Real and Caliente Drive) are in much worse condition and require full rehabilitation. The Engineering Services Department will look into getting that work done in the FY 18-19 fiscal year.


  • The ONE-PS Code Enforcement & Public Works Committee is working closely with the Engineering Services Department to create parking ordinances for consideration by City Council in the spring. The ordinances would create a process for neighborhoods to request a residential parking permit zone (as certain neighborhoods have already done) and a no-parking time period for the City to carry out certain services, such as street sweeping. A recommendation by ONE-PS to City Council on the ordinances is likely to come up for a vote by ONE-PS representatives at the ONE-PS meeting in March or April.


  • The annual ONE-PS retreat will take place on Saturday, January 27, 2018, from 8 am to 3 pm, at Temple Isaiah. In addition to a presentation on ONE-PS’s 2017 accomplishments and works in progress, break-out sessions will cover topics such as the relationship between neighborhoods and ONE-PS, the role of ONE-PS Representatives and Alternates, and increasing awareness of and involvement in ONE-PS. All Neighborhood Organization Board members are invited to attend to learn more about ONE-PS and provide their input.


  • The next ONE-PS Brown Bag Lunch, on Thursday, December 21 from noon to 1:30 in the City Hall Large Conference Room, will feature a presentation by DWA Outreach & Conservation Manager Ashley Metzger. She will speak on DWA’s role as a first responder, the recent water rights decision by the US Supreme Court and water usage restrictions proposed by the State Water Resources Control Board.


  • City Council will meet three times in January, on the 3rd, 10th and 24th. Among the issues Council is scheduled to consider are an amendment to the budget to add four additional police officers, two community service officers and a full crew of six firefighters / paramedics, a vacant building ordinance, tweaks to the current vacation rental ordinance, the Buzz service and a solar resolution.


  • The Police Department’s statistics for 2017 through October show a 27% decrease in total crime and a 49% decrease in residential burglaries. The Department needs at least a week’s notice if we want them to present crime statistics for the Indian Canyons neighborhood at the annual meeting.


  • Work on the Andaz has resumed. It is scheduled to open in early 2019.


  • Lisa Middleton is the Council’s new liaison to ONE-PS. Mayor Moon is the alternate.