Board of Directors Meetings 2017 archive

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Indian Canyons Neighborhood Organization (ICNO) held on October 14, 2017, at the Indian Canyons Golf Resort, North Course

Call to order 9 AM Roll call:

ICNO Board Meeting October 14, 2017

Present: Bruce Moccia. Mark Gold, Erica James, Jerry Nies, Carolyn Lumber, DeeAnn McCoy, Michael Dixon, Steve Bryan, Steve Buchanan.

By Phone: David Freedman.
Absent: Judy Jensen, David Ross Pittman.

Attending: Susan Cureton-Hill and Merah Bond representing the Modernism Week Committee, Greg Gehrich representing the website, Taylor Cushmore, Richard Savage, Lane Adams, Tom Newman, Ron Parks, Linda Williamson, Denise (Greg’s wife), Gary, Larry DaSilva, and two others.

Minutes of the last meeting:
Voted on and approved as written. Safety Seminar: Jerry Nies

Jerry made a presentation with new vests for people and dogs that carry the neighborhood watch logo. They can be ordered direct from the manufacturer by anyone wanting one and they don’t have to go through ICNO. Jerry is to forward to the Board the appropriate information to be posted on the website.

A discussion was held regarding Operation Lighthouse. It was decided that ICNO would not have enough time to put together a program for November and that to tag Operation Lighthouse on to our annual meeting in January made the meeting run too long. Jerry will explore putting something together for the Spring.

Treasurer’s report:

David Freedman is currently monitoring the checking account and approving expense payments and reimbursements, which are then signed by Bruce. David reported that as of September 30, 2017, the bank account balance is $20,578.59. This total is divided among the three internal accounts as follows:

Operational: $ 7,498.88 Modernism: $12,483.72 Clubhouse: $ 595.99

Marilyn Nies has volunteered to become ICNO’s bookkeeper. Ron Parks, a new ICNO resident, has volunteered to be the new Treasurer. He will have to become a Board member to serve. David, Ron and Marilyn will work out the details.


Michael Dixon will be unable to serve as secretary for the foreseeable future due to a heavy work schedule. ICNO is looking for a board member to serve as secretary.

ONE-PS report: David Freedman

David Freedman reported on the recent budget survey conducted by ONE-PS. He noted that the June ONE-PS meeting, City Manager David Ready asked ONE-PS to provide the perspective of the neighborhoods on the possible budget modifications needed for the City to meet its rising
expenses. In response, the ONE-PS Chairperson appointed an ad hoc City Budget Committee that David chaired, which closely examined the city budget and possible options for addressing budget issues. After discussion of possible budget actions at the September ONE-PS monthly meeting, and in response to a request by Neighborhood Organization representatives to vote on the Committee’s various recommendations individually as opposed to as a package, the ad hoc City Budget Committee and the ONE-PS Executive Committee agreed that a survey be conducted for the October ONE-PS monthly meeting. Considering the need to provide advice to city stakeholders within a short time period in light of their budget discussions and taking into account the requirement of the Palm Springs Municipal Code that each Neighborhood Organization has equal representation on ONE-PS, the only practical solution was to survey the representative (or alternate) of each Neighborhood Organization; a survey of residents of each Neighborhood Organization was not feasible.

Following David’s background on the survey, Bruce reported that as one of the founding members of ICNO, he and the other founders wanted to form an entity that would join and strengthen the neighborhood, where neighbors could meet each other (which we feel is the first cornerstone of safety), and create a safe, non-judgmental environment where people could discuss things that were important to them. It was and is a forum and resource. If there was a problem, particularly a dispute between neighbors, we would direct people to the proper person, official, or agency of the government to deal with it. From the outset, it was a founding principle of ICNO that as an organization, it would take no position or side on any issue. This was done consciously and deliberately as we wanted everyone within ICNO’s boundaries to become a member and be comfortable. To take sides on anything would, by definition, alienate someone and we wanted to obviate that and to be inclusive as much as possible.

Following further discussion, Bruce moved to discuss ONE-PS and ICNO’s role in it at the November Board meeting. The Board approved the motion, with David voting no.

Membership report:
(Steve Buchanan will get back with actual figures). Modernism Week report:

Susan reported that ICNO was running low on tour house inventory this year. After three consecutive years of house tours as well as other MW tours that have featured neighborhood houses, ICNO has shown over 25 homes in the recent past. The Modernism Week Committee did try through the summer to secure six homes for a 2018 tour and had 19 homeowners who were approached, but for various reasons they were either unable or unwilling to commit to the tour.

With the deadlines for event previews and homeowner agreements rapidly approaching in mid-October, Appetito the neighborhood registration point for the tour, suddenly closed with no warning on October 4th. However, Merah had just secured a new check in restaurant (Mr. Lyons), and three homeowners were still committed to the tour. Merah and Susan were both willing to continue to try and save the tour, but the situation was grim. Rather than putting the effort into a possible lower-quality tour or a losing battle, the Committee recommended to the Board that they cancel the home tour for 2018 and come back with a strong tour in 2019. Most neighborhoods do a tour every other year to sustain a quality tour with fresh houses and staff volunteer docents.

Before asking for a vote on the issue, Susan asked Merah to present exciting news that ICNO will have a presence at Modernism Week 2018. A new event has been accepted and approved at the North Course Clubhouse. The event is titled Cocktails at Canyon Country Club: A Tribute to Donald Wexler which will take place on Wed, Feb. 21, 2018, 4-6:30pm. The afternoon will feature special guests Robert Imber,


educator and architectural preservationist, and Sidney Williams, former curator of the Architecture and Design Center at the Palm Springs Art Museum, as well as food, drink and a live band.

Susan and Merah thanked Carolyn Lumber for helping to secure Robert Imber and for getting Hot Purple Energy to help sponsor the event by providing the band and donating funds. They also thanked Chuck Steinman for helping to secure Sidney Williams. The Board voted unanimously to donate all proceeds from the event to

Further discussion ensued when Carolyn Lumber spoke as a homeowner who has been asked and participated on numerous past tours, confirming that there may be some tour fatigue and she would be in favor of a tour every other year. A motion was then made and seconded that ICNO will focus on the new event for 2018 and will continue the neighborhood home tours in 2019. The Board voted unanimously in favor of the motion, and it was carried.

Bruce reported that the expense of the storage unit has gone up from $77 per month to $82 per month. The Board approved a motion to allocate the disbursement of funds from the Modernism account as Modernism supplies occupy the bulk of the space and to the $5 per month increase.


Greg Gehrich has signed on to assume Erica’s position as webmaster when she steps down. He has been able to get PSICNO.ORG up and running and to move it to a new host server. It costs $89 for the first year and about $12 per month thereafter as opposed to the $55 per month we were paying the Geeks. Greg will work with the Membership Chair and with the financial team to make sure the website is functioning as needed in time for membership renewal come November. The Board approved the $89 expenditure unanimously. We must notify the Geeks of the change in hosting and terminate their service.


A discussion of the neighborhood watch signage was tabled until Judy Jensen who has been the lead on this is present at the next meeting. Proposed locations for new signs and tgheir sponsors are as follows:

E Santiago Way, Elaine Hagmann
At the start of each street, Paul Hanneman
South end of Palo Fierro, Linda Williamson Camino Real at Kings Point, Susan Lindsey Cohen Palo Fierro at Santiago, Sierra Madre, Lori Cohen Via Estrella and Caliente, Marc Rouse

Tribe report:

We are still waiting on the Tribe’s proposal regarding membership at the club. It is due around November 1. Carolyn Lumber proposed that we give Angie Buysee a $100 gift certificate for all her work on the survey. It was approved unanimously.

We are looking for a volunteer to run the newsletter.

Watering Schedule:

David Ross Pittman has the revised watering schedule and the buckets. He will discuss at the next Board meeting.

the Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture & Design Center and St. Theresa Catholic

School Structures Program. We are aiming to sell 250 tickets at $125 each. Merah presented a proposed budget which estimated a gross income of $25,000 and a potential net income of $11,300. The Board voted unanimously to approve the proposed budget.

Fall Party:

Steve Bryan reported that the Fall party will be held at the William Krisel-designed “Pod House” on November 11. Steve noted that we already have some 80 responses, but we are expecting more because of the fame and architectural significance of the house.

New Year’s Eve party:

Mark Gold and DeeAnn McCoy made an impassioned pitch for the New Year’s Eve party. ICNO has put a hold on the date with the club and has secured the Gand Band following an expression of interest at the May Board meeting. Volunteers are needed to help with organization ticket sales, and decorations. Mark will forward his remarks concerning all the good reasons why this is so important for ICNO and the club to be posted on social media.

Meeting adjourned at 10:40.



Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Indian Canyons Neighborhood Organization (ICNO) held on May 13, 2017, at the Indian Canyons Golf Resort, North Course



Call to order 9 am. There were approximately three audience members in attendance.


Roll call of Board of Directors:


Present: Bruce Moccia, Steve Bryan, David Freedman, Jerry Nies, Mike Dixon, Mark Gold, Carolyn Lumber, David Ross Pittman. DeeAnn McCoy, Judy Jensen, Steve Buchanan


Absent: Erica James


Also Present: Susan Cureton-Hill, Modernism Committee Chair


By Phone: Arlene Sanders, Development Committee Chair


Minutes of April 15 Board meeting are unanimously approved.


Treasurer’s Report, Steve Bryan:


We ended April with $32,652 in all accounts. This is comprised of $25,980 in Modernism funds, $599 remaining from the New Year’s Eve party and $6,073 in the Operational account. The major expense for April was $2,575 from the operational account to Lynn Hammond catering for the spring ICNO party on April 15, where 165 people attended for three hours.


ONE-PS report, David Freedman:


  • The City transitioned to a new emergency notification system on April 27, Everbridge. To learn about the new system and register your phone numbers and email addresses for notifications, go to: Emergency & Community Alert Sign-up in the left-hand menu on the Fire Department home page.
  • The Police Department has now filled all vacant positions. The new officers will be out on patrol once their training ends.
  • Council held a study session on May 11 to review designs for the downtown park. The City will post on online survey to get community feedback, and Council will hold another meeting in late June or early July.
  • Council voted in favor of CVAG’s CV Link proposal. CVAG will decide on the EIR at a meeting on May 15. The EIR shows a community collector along the Palm Canyon wash tying into the existing Murray Canyon bike lane.
  • Council and the Measure J Oversight Commission are considering whether Measure J could be used to fund infrastructure to support homeless facilities.
  • The new vacation rental hotline goes into effect on May 15. The new number is (760) 322-8383. The City has updated the good neighbor brochure that all guests must acknowledge and is working with vacation rental agencies to ensure compliance with the new ordinance. Three new code compliances officers are being added to the vacation rental department.
  • Council will consider at its May 17 meeting an ordinance to ban gas-powered leaf blowers effective January 1, 2019.
  • Council will also consider at its May 17 meeting recommendations of the Ethics, Transparency and Governmental Reform Task Force, on which I, Linda Dixon and Chuck Steinman served.
  • The ONE-PS House Tour during Modernism Week is preview on Saturday, October 21. Tours will run every half hour from 10 to 11:30 am. ONE-PS anticipates selling 125 tickets for each tour. The ICNO Modernism Week Committee will be proposing one of the houses from our February tour.


Murray Canyon sidewalk update


Following input from residents at a meeting on April 13, Savat Khamphou of the City Engineering Services Department said that he would recommend to Council not to include Murray Canyon on the list of sidewalk completions. The matter will become before Council in the next few weeks, and Council will have the final say. I will monitor the Council agenda and advise the Murray Canyon residents when the matter is scheduled for Council consideration.


Committee Reports:


Safety, Jerry Nies:


Nothing to report except to point out that there is some community interest in more policing signs. Judy has offered to follow up on locations and cost and communicate this information to the board. David Pittman asked if any decision had been reached regarding safety vests. Since no decision had been made, the board recommended that the jackets be described and then e-blasted for any feedback from the neighborhood


Modernism, Susan Cureton-Hill:


Merah Bond has joined the ICNO Modernism Week Committee and will assist as co-chair. She is already working with the committee and doing very well. Susan is hopeful Merah will replace her as chair in the future. Upcoming events include the ONE-PS Tour on Saturday, October 21, 2017 which ICNO may provide one home and the Indian Canyons Modernism Home Tour on February 17, 2018. The February tour will again feature 2 two-hour tours of six Indian Canyons homes.


Additionally, the committee is working on a proposal to hold an event at the Donald Wexler-designed Indian Canyons North Course Clubhouse in February 2018. If the proposal is approved, all profits will be donated to charities. Susan asked for board approval to move forward with planning since the proposal deadline is August 1 and the ICNO board is going on summer break. There was a motion by David Freedman, and seconded by Jerry Nies, to authorize the Modernism Committee to move forward with discussions among the stakeholders. The motion carried unanimously. Board member Carolyn Lumber will help with the planning of this event also.


Newsletter, Discussion:


Round table discussion about the ICNO Newsletter. Consensus was that it would be nice to have a newsletter, but one that was proofed under the guidance of an editor. This would help to fact check before the newsletter was disseminated. A motion was made by Bruce to continue the newsletter, which would be orientated toward feature stories approved by an editor, and not hard news. Motion was seconded by DeeAnn, and unanimously approved.


Development, Arlene Sanford:


A motion was made by Jerry Nies, seconded by David Freedman that the Development Committee will authorize $1000 donations each to Palm Springs Animal Shelter, Palm Springs Police Dept. for tactical vests, Well of the Desert, Palm Springs Fire Dept. to purchase emergency supplies for the disaster container at South Palm Canyon south of Murray Canyon, and approximately $6000 would be appropriated towards painting the wall on LaVerne between Camino Real and Palo Fierro.


After discussion, a motion was made by Bruce, seconded by DeeAnn to approve the development committee recommendation to paint the wall on LaVerne Way from Palo Fierro to just east of Camino Real. A second motion was made by Bruce, seconded by Steve Bryan, to use the Oak Barrel color. Both motions carried unanimously. A motion was made by Bruce and seconded by David Freedman that tree trimming along the fence line would be budgeted at $200 and would come out of the maintenance fund. Motion carried unanimously. The remaining Development Committee funds of $2300 will be set aside for maintaining the wall over the next few years.


Indian Canyons North Club Liaison, Jerry Nies:


Carolyn Lumber has offered to chair this committee and extended an invitation for interested people to attend a meeting next Saturday at 9 am to refine a survey relative to the use of the North Course. Location will be posted on our social media.


Social events, Steve Bryan and Mark Gold:


Next neighborhood party will be on the second Saturday in November. We will finalize the date and location at our September board meeting.


New Year’s Eve Party, DeeAnn McCoy and Mark Gold:


Last year’s NYE party at the North Course clubhouse was a successful event, attended by 113 dinner guests and 29 music only guests, with a net profit of $515.73. Please see attached budget recap for NYE party on December 31, 2016.


We feel that we can have another successful NYE event this year and would like to start forming a committee to organize the party. Bruce made a motion stating that the Board is interested in becoming involved with the NYE event financially, and with committee members. ICNO will make a decision to do so before the end of September.


Old Business:


Financial statements, tax documents:


David Freedman has filed ICNO’s returns for the year ended December 31, 2016, with the IRS, California Franchise Tax Board and California Attorney General’s Office. To make the filings, he prepared summary financial statements showing 2016 revenue, expenses and net income. Our total revenue for the year was $51,807, and our net income, adjusted for expenses for the New Year’s Eve party that were paid in 2017, was $7,147. The financial statements are attached to the minutes.


Bruce made a motion and Jerry seconded the motion as follows:


ICNO will need to hire a bookkeeper, or find one who will volunteer to keep our books consistent with tax requirements. David will do an initial set up to show what our needs are and then meet with a bookkeeper and an accountant to get cost estimates to take over the work.


The accountant would be budgeted at approximately $300 per hour and bookkeeping would cost approximately $1000 per year. The motion was carried unanimously.


Watering schedule: See attached schedule.


New Business:


Bruce made a motion, seconded by DeeAnn, that landscape monthly upkeep and maintenance will continue at a rate of $1200 per year ($600 payable every six months for monthly maintenance) and weed spraying will be payable at $600 per year ($50 per month for monthly maintenance). Motion was unanimously carried.


Adjournment until September 16, 2017, at the Indian Canyons North Clubhouse at 9 am.



















Indian Canyons Neighborhood Organization 2016 Financial Statements


Income statement:


Gross Revenue:


Operational Account


Net Dues                   $10,022


Bank Interest                        $       12


Total                           $10,034


Modernism Account            $24,902 ($3,894 final payment for 2016 tour + $21,008 initial payment for 2017 tour)


Clubhouse Account                        $16,871 (NYE party net ticket sales)


Total Gross Revenue:                    $51,807




            Operational Account           $ 8,775


Modernism Account                        $19,610


Clubhouse Account            $ 4,000 (Net ticket refunds of $680 and expenses of $11,595 recorded in 2017)


Total Expenses:                              $32,385                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Net Income:


            Operational Account           $ 1,259


Modernism Account                        $ 5,292


Clubhouse Account            $12,871 ($596 after deducting net ticket refunds and expenses recorded in 2017)


Total Net Income:                           $19,422 ($7,147 after deducing clubhouse net ticket refunds and expenses recorded in 2017)


Balance sheet:


As of 01/01/16:


            Operational Account           $ 1,346

Modernism Account                        $25,588


Clubhouse Account                        $         0


Total:                                                  $26,934


As of 12/31/16:


Operational Account           $ 2,605 ($-1,395 in bank account plus $4,000 in PayPal account)


Modernism Account                        $30,880

Clubhouse Account            $12,871 ($16,871 in PayPal account minus $4,000 in bank account)


Total:                                      $46,356


Net Change in Cash:          $19,422





NYE 2016 Budget Recap
Food (charged for 120 meals)/$56 per meal* $6,720.00
Additional bartender $150.00
Gratuity (21%) $1,411.00
Tax $708.00
Comped beverages $96.00
Room rental $1,000.00
Decorations $1,510.12
PayPal 2.2% + $.30 per transaction $513.89
The Gand Band $4,000.00
Total expenses $16,109.01
Paid dinner guests 112 @ $140 $15,680.00
Music only guests 41 @ $25 $1,025.00
Revenue $16,705.00
Profit/loss $595.99
*Reflects meals comped for 5 band members; 3 decorating committee









January 7                                Jerry Nies

February 4                             Judy Jensen

March 4                                   Devra & Arlene

April 1                                       Judy Jensen

May 6                                        Susan & Kelli

May 20                                     Carolyn Lumber

June 3                                       Mark and Thomas

June 17                                    Susan & Kelli

July 1                                         David Pittman

July 8

July 15                                      Carolyn Lumber

July 22                                      David Pittman

July 29                                      Bruce & Philip

August 5                                  Carolyn Lumber

August 12                               David Pittman

August 19                               Terry Daniels

August 26

September 2                        Bruce & Philip

September 9                        Carolyn Lumber

September 16                     David Pittman

September 23                     David Pittman

September 30                     Jerry & Marilyn Nies

October 7                               DeeAnn McCoy

October 21                            David Pittman

November 4                          DeeAnn McCoy

December 2                          Mark & Thomas





Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Indian Canyons Neighborhood Organization (ICNO) held on April 15, 2017, at the Indian Canyons Golf Resort, North Course



Call to order 9 am. There were approximately 3 audience members in attendance.


Roll call of Board of Directors:


Present: Bruce Moccia, Steve Bryan, David Freedman, Jerry Nies, Mike Dixon, Carolyn Lumber, David Ross Pittman. DeeAnn McCoy, Judy Jensen, Steve Buchanan, Erica James


Absent: Mark Gold


Treasurer’s Report: Steve Bryan


As of 3/31/17, ICNO had a total of $36,863 in the account. This is composed of $29,035 in the Modernism account, $10,232 in the operations account and $596 from the New Year’s Eve social account. Major expenses to be incurred in April are $1,740 for annual liability insurance and $2,575 for the Spring semi-annual ICNO party with 165 guests.


ONE-PS report: David Freedman


  • ONE-PS has submitted a bid for Palm Springs to host the annual Neighborhoods USA (NUSA) conference in May 2019 or 2020.
  • The ONE-PS picnic on March 25 was a great success, with 1,000 people attending. The food choices from local restaurants were well received.
  • ONE-PS will again sponsor a Modernism Week home tour during the Modernism Week fall preview, on Saturday, Oct. 21. Volunteer homes are being sought.
  • ONE-PS is continuing its discussions on an update of Ordinance 1666 governing the City’s relationship with ONE-PS and the Neighborhood Organizations.
  • The Measure J Oversight Commission has agreed to focus on bicycle and pedestrian safety projects and park improvements in its next three-year funding cycle beginning July 1, 2018.
  • City Hall Council Chambers and the Large Conference Room will undergo a major upgrade this summer. The meeting broadcast capabilities will also be improved. Council meetings in the second half of May as well as in June and July will be held at the Convention Center while the work is progressing.
  • The Council Budget Subcommittee will hold a budget hearing for the FY 17-18 fiscal year on May 9 in Council Chambers.
  • The Events Committee has planned many events for the ONE-PS 2017-18 fiscal year. The list is attached.


Murray Canyon sidewalk


The current Measure J project list includes a continuous sidewalk along Murray Canyon. Several residents attended an open house with the Engineering Services staff on April 13 to express their opposition because the project would require removal of mature desert landscaping. The City has agreed to investigate putting the sidewalk on the south side of the street. Comments on the proposed project can be emailed to Savat Khamphou,


Committee Reports:


Safety: Jerry Nies


There is some interest in the community for more “we call the police” signs, and there is some concern about how long it takes the police to report to crime scenes. There are also issues of safety that need to be addressed.


Modernism: David Freedman


In Susan’s Cureton-Hill absence, David Freedman reported that this is the slow time of year for the Modernism Week Committee, so we are not working very hard right now (we take our well-earned break when possible). Susan has recruited a Committee Co-Chair. More to follow either tonight at the Spring party or at the next Board meeting.


Newsletter: Jason Lewis


Jason is working on an article for the May issue about ONE-PS and how it interfaces with the City of Palm Springs.


Development: Arlene Sanford


The committee surveyed a number of residents and found that they were generally happy with the neighborhood, and that the issue concerning most of them was the appearance of the wall along LaVerne. Approximate cost of power washing, priming and 2 coats painting is $6,000-7,000. Annual expenditure is approximately $1,000 to maintain wall, $2,400 to maintain grounds and control weeds. David Ross Pittman will put together a landscaping budget. Funding would come out of Modernism revenues.


A significant number of residents liked the idea of adding “we call the police” signs. Cost is approximately $100 per sign installation.


Charitable contributions ideas were: Animal Shelter $1,000, Well in the Desert $1,000, PSPD $1,000 for tactical vests. Questions were asked about having a dedicated container of disaster supplies for Indian Canyons, as well as the status of the improvements to the fire station.


Golf Club Liaison: Jerry Nies and Carolyn Lumber had a good meeting with about 28 attendees. The need to quantify neighborhood participation is probably the next step.


New Year’s Party


David Freedman reported that he had spoken with Joan Gand at an Art Museum event and thanked her for making the New Year’s Eve party so successful. She said the Gand Band is interested in playing the NYE party if we have one this year.


Old Business


Spring party


Steve Bryan reported that there are 162 RSVP’s for the spring party tonight. Richard and Lane are contributing a live band.


Financial statements


ICNO must file its state and federal tax and charitable trust returns no later than May 15. David Freedman is working with Steve Bryan to finalize the 2016 financial statements.


Insurance docs


As noted in the Treasurer’s report, the annual insurance premium for the new policy for the year beginning May 1, 2017 is $1,740 and has been paid.


Watering schedule


The LaVerne watering schedule was circulated and updated.


New Business


There was a lively discussion about vacation rentals. Bruce indicated that he would post an update about the new ordinance on Nextdoor.



Adjournment until May 13 at 9 am at the North Clubhouse. The May meeting will be the last regular meeting for the season. Monthly Board meetings will resume in September.


See attached: ONE-PS Events List




A Year of Great Events!


2017-18 Fiscal Year


  • Chairpersons’ Perpetual Plaque and Reception:  Late September. Honoring our past chairs.
  • Candidates’ Forum at Desert Regional Hospital Candidates for City Council-October – Phil Strout, Chair
  • Home Tours – Fall Modernism Preview October 21st – Jim Knauss, Chair
  • PRIDE Weekend and Festival: November 4-5 ONE-PS Booth: Don Barrett, Steve Boswell, Co-chairs
  • Veterans’ Day Parade November 11th – First time in this parade for us!
  • Festival of Lights Parade – Balloon Entries December 2nd – Seeking neighborhood sponsors!
  • Volunteers Thank-you Event!!! January – Special party for our event volunteers!
  • Black History Parade and Expo 2018 February 24th – Dixie Miller, Chair
  • 11th Annual ONE-PS Picnic 2018, Ruth Hardy Park March 24th – Joy Meredith, April Gunkel, Co-chairs


For more information contact Bob Farran, Events Chair, at


#    #    #    #    #




Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Indian Canyons Neighborhood Organization (ICNO) held on March 11, 2017, at the Indian Canyons Golf Resort, North Course.


Call to order 9 am. There were approximately 6 audience members in attendance.



Roll call of Board of Directors:


Present: Bruce Moccia, Steve Bryan, David Freedman, Mark Gold, Jerry Nies, Mike Dixon, Carolyn Lumber, David Ross Pittman. DeeAnn McCoy, Judy Jensen



Absent:   Steve Buchanan, Erica James


Treasurer’s Report: Steve Bryan


We ended February with $37,192 in our ICNO account. This is divided into three sub-accounts. 1) Modernism funds of $26,090, 2) Operational funds of $10,504 and 3) Clubhouse (New Year’s Eve) funds of $596.



ONE-PS report:   David Freedman


  • The ONE-PS annual picnic is on March 25 from 11 am to 2 pm in Ruth Hardy Park. Attendees will get a meal ticket upon registering. There will be several food choices from local restaurants.


  • The Police and Fire Departments have made new hires and are nearly back to their budgeted levels. Fire Station 4 on LaVerne is expected to reopen next year.


  • The Planning Commission and City Council will consider a revised vacation rental ordinance at their March 15 meetings. A weekly log of vacation rental complaints is being posted on the City’s website.


  • The City is preparing a list of roads that will be repaved in the new fiscal year, based on their Pavement Condition Index. Sequoia Place is the only road in the Indian Canyons neighborhood on the list. To move Camino Real to a higher priority, City staff has encouraged us to reach out to the Tribe to ask if they would contribute to repairs as they did for certain roads in Section 14.


  • The Gas Company will fix the rough patches on the Murray Canyon bike lane after they finish their pipeline project, as work is still occurring on Bogert Trail. Murray Canyon is slated to be a local collector to CV Link, through the Palm Canyon wash.



Committee Reports:


Safety: Jerry Nies


Nothing to report



Modernism: Susan Cureton-Hill


The tour was a big success, despite encountering some rain. The Modernism tour sent out a reviewer that we were unaware of, and the reviewer was very complimentary, citing that the visitors were warmly greeted, the event was well organized with a seamless presentation. The homeowners were also very pleased with the tour as were Appetito and Koffi, where the check-in was located.

Bruce suggested that we reach out to the golf course about including the clubhouse as part of the Modernism tour. The committee contacted Modernism Week last year, but was turned down.


The Modernism tour was a financial success too, with net income of approximately $16,177. See attached “final budget” approved unanimously by the Board.



Newsletter: Jason Lewis


Jason is working on a series of articles about the Fey family.



Development: Arlene Sanford


The development committee is accepting suggestions until March 12.   The committee will meet at

10 am March 23 to determine what to recommend to the Board as to how Modernism funds should be spent. This includes charitable donations as well as neighborhood enhancement projects.



Club Liaison: Jerry Nies and Carolyn Lumber


ICNO needs to assess the interest of the homeowners so that we get an idea of the level of support that we may anticipate, prior to meeting the Tribe about a plan for the golf course/clubhouse. Suggestion was made to mail and email a questionnaire to the homeowners for their feedback in this regard.



Old Business


The Spring party is on Saturday, April 15 from 4 to 7 pm at Richard and Lane’s beautiful home on Via Lazo, which was on ICNO’s 2015 home tour. Richard and Lane have kindly offered to provide a band. Invitations will be sent shortly.



New Business:


As a California nonprofit public benefit corporation with federal and state tax-exempt status, ICNO must file annual returns with the IRS, California Franchise Tax Board and California Attorney General’s Office. David Freedman will work with Steve Bryan on condensed financial statements for 2016 to be approved at the April 15 Board meeting and the required filings to be made by May 15. The Board will also need a recap of expenses and revenue of the New Year’s Eve party.


Erica will probably be leaving the Board when her term expires in January. If that is the case, then the Board needs to find a replacement for her duties as website coordinator.


Our insurance policy is up for renewal in May. The annual premium (approximately $1,600) for general liability and directors and officers is staying the same. Motion to purchase by Bruce, second by DeeAnn, carried unanimously.



Adjournment until April 15 at 9 am at the North Clubhouse.






Income (409 tickets sold): $21,268 (409 x $65 x 80% net proceeds to ICNO)


Estimated expenses:


Balloons at check-in Balloony Tunes $     13.79
Booties (2850) Uline $   781.56
Booty baskets (3) Target $     38.48
Brochure printing (500 copies) Office Depot $   842.70
Check-in supplies/badges OfficeMax $     96.92
Direction signage Staples $     88.04
Docent training party Rubio’s / Walgreens $   543.12
Gift certificate for homeowners (6) ICNO (from Spencer’s) $   500.00
Grocery tote bags (450) $   709.94
Homeowners reception Lynn Hammond + Bruce M. $   608.46
House cleaning (6 homes) ICNO $   750.00
Insurance (6 homes) 1st Community Insurance $       0.00
Lanyards (50) Uline $     54.50
Miscellaneous office supplies Chuck Steinman $     63.25
Total cost: $5,090.76


Total net income:        $16,177.24


#    #    #    #




Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Indian Canyons Neighborhood Organization (ICNO) held on February 11, 2017, at the Indian Canyons Golf Resort, North Course.


Call to order 9 am. There were approximately 40 audience members in attendance.


Prior to the regular ICNO board meeting, invited representatives of Agua Caliente, Tom Davis, Chief Planning and Development Officer for Agua Caliente, and Todd Hooks, Economic Development Director at Agua Caliente, and Executive Director of the Agua Caliente Development Authority (ACDA), talked about the “land status” of the land located on the Agua Caliente reservation.


Tom Davis comments:

Approximately 32,000 acres comprise the Agua Caliente reservation.

1/3 controlled by a tribal trust owned by the tribal government.

1/3 allotted to individual tribal members. (Allottee land)

1/3 fee land owned by non-Indians.


Allottee land is subject to all the regular zoning, planning, and building codes and processes (the club and all our homes are on allottee land). The location and land status can be viewed on the Agua Caliente website.


There is ongoing discussion between the city and the tribe about the tribe’s masterplan for the downtown area. Tribal council is analyzing casino square footage for more gaming, hotel configuration for up to 350 rooms in one to three buildings, and other commercial and cultural components including the spa.

Public review period ends March 13.


Agua Caliente Development Authority operates the golf courses after taking over the master lease that had been defaulted on about 6 years ago by Canyon Country Club, an outside development company. The company could not afford to maintain the expensive infrastructure because they couldn’t generate enough income.


Other comments via answers to audience questions:


Tribe strives to operate its commercial ventures at the highest and best use.

There is no timetable in place yet relative to the downtown development.

3-4 star resort hotel at Murray Canyon and South Palm Canyon is still being considered.

Golf courses need to economically stand alone, but downtown hotel, casino etc. recommends them when asked because of their special relationship.


Todd Hooks comments:


As executive director of the ACDA, Todd oversees and manages the master lease for the development of the two golf courses, 511 single family residences, 200 condos and 80 apartments. He also oversees various development proposals, including the development of the vacant land at Murray Canyon and South Palm Canyon.


The ACDA is working with the landowners (about 70) to negotiate a new lease arrangement to extend the leases, which currently expire in 2063. There is no deadline to renegotiate the current leases.


There is no plan to re-develop the North golf course at present. Todd sees the current use in place for at least 5-6 years. On the other hand, if a developer submits a viable plan, Todd and the ACDA will examine and could theoretically approve a good plan.


Todd would welcome any homeowner plan that was solid financially, such as looking at a private or semi-private golf course, and/ or a reopening of the North clubhouse and recognizing its pedigree as a mid-century modern building.


Roll call of Board of Directors:


Present: Bruce Moccia, Steve Bryan, David Freedman, Mark Gold, Jerry Nies, Mike Dixon, Carolyn Lumber, Steve Buchanan, Erica James.


DeeAnn McCoy attended by phone.


Absent: David Ross Pitman.


Judy Jensen appointed to the Board for a two-year term. Approved by acclimation.


Approval of annual meeting minutes: Motion to approve by Bruce Moccia, second by Jerry Nies. Motion carried unanimously.


Election of new Board officers carried by acclimation:


Chairperson                 Bruce Moccia

Vice Chairperson         David Freedman

Treasurer                     Steve Bryan

Secretary                     Mike Dixon


Appointment of committee chairpersons:


Arlene Sanford                        Development

David Ross Pitman       Landscape

Erica James                 Website

Susan Cureton Hill       Modernism

Jason Lewis                 Newsletter

Jerry Nies                     Safety

Steve Bryan                 Social Events

Mark Gold                    Clubhouse Usage

Steve Buchanan          Membership

Jerry Nies                     Tribal Liaisons

Carolyn Lumber


David Freedman will continue to serve as ICNO’s Representative to ONE-PS. Larry Da Silva was reappointed to serve as the ONE-PS Alternate.


Membership Report: Steve Buchanan


152 members. Working to devise a plan for membership renewal.


Treasurer’s Report:   Steve Bryan


We deposited $21,000 into our Modernism account for the 2017 tour happening on 2/18.  We currently have $28,000 in that account with an estimated $2,500 in expenses for Modernism week yet to be paid keeping within the parameters of the $5,000 budget for the event.


We have $8,250 in our operational account from membership dues.  The next major expense from that will be the Spring party occurring on 4/15. ICNO needs dues from about 150 members to break even for the year.


The New Year’s Eve event had a net profit of $590 which, will be used as seed money for the next event.


Spring party will be April 15 at Richard and Lane’s house on Via Lazo. Good opportunity to mention the possibility of revitalization of the North Course and Clubhouse. The newsletter could also play a part in disseminating information to residents.


Modernism Week Report:   Susan Cureton-Hill


Everything is in great shape and ready to go. Check-in is moving to Koffi and Appetito,


ONE PS report: David Freedman


  • ONE-PS will be holding its annual picnic from 11 am to 2 pm on Saturday, March 25, at Ruth Hardy Park. There will again be a pooch parade. There will be a choice of food from several Palm Springs restaurants. If ICNO wishes to have a booth at the picnic, the cost is $25. Last year we contributed $100 to the picnic and would move that we do the same this year, whether or not we have a booth. Motion seconded by Bruce and affirmed unanimously.


  • ONE-PS unveiled its new website,, at its annual retreat on January 28. The website is already very well developed, with various resources including a calendar, agendas and minutes of ONE-PS meetings and email address for each Neighborhood Organization using the domain name.  ICNO’s email address is Any emails sent to that address will be forwarded to the ICNO Board email account that Erica maintains as webmaster. The ONE-PS website also links to the ICNO website and Facebook page, and has a photo of the iconic “Pink Door” on Sierra Way.


  • Work on the La Verne Way bike lane and road diet is proceeding. A traffic striping design is underway and is nearly completed. Prior to implementing the road diet and installing bike lanes on La Verne Way, Council will review/approve plans for bidding and award the contract. The work will be paid for with a $400,000 federal grant the City has received.


  • The vacation rental initiative has qualified for the ballot, and the Oswit Canyon initiative is expected to qualify as well. City Council members are discussing these matters with the stakeholders. One possibility for Oswit Canyon is the City’s purchase of the land, as it did for Chino Cone.


  • The CV Link City Council Subcommittee will lead a special Town Hall meeting on Monday, February 13, at 6 p.m. in the Council Chamber at City Hall. The meeting will feature a presentation by the Coachella Valley Association of Governments, the project’s lead agency. The public is invited to attend to learn more about plans for the CV Link and how it will affect Palm Springs. David will attend the Town Hall and report back at the March Board meeting.


  • Volunteer Palm Springs is working closely with the Palm Springs Police Department in the roll-out of the P.S. Cares pedestrian and bike safety program. Reflective pedestrian and dog vests are available for purchase at $25 and $15 respectively each at The Safety Committee may want to reach out to David Carden of Volunteer Palm Springs to see if there are any initiatives that ICNO could sponsor. Customizable postcards for Neighborhood Organizations to send to their members will be available in a few weeks. The Neighborhood Organizations would be responsible for printing and mailing costs.


  • The ONE-PS Governance Committee met on January 23 with Councilmember Ginny Foat and City Manager David Ready to discuss revisions to the 2005 Ordinance governing the Office of Neighborhoods and ONE-PS. As per their direction, David will be preparing a much simpler version of the Ordinance, under which ONE-PS will have final approval of Neighborhood Organization formation, boundary changes and Bylaws minimum standards. The ONE-PS Governance and Executive Committees will review the draft at their meetings later this month and it will then be submitted to the City Manager and City Attorney. The Committee’s objective is to have the new Ordinance approved by Council prior to its summer break. David expects that there will need to be amendments to the ONE-PS Bylaws as well as to the ICNO Bylaws to conform to the new provisions. The ICNO Bylaws changes would be voted on at the 2018 Annual Meeting.


Safety: Jerry Nies


Jerry would like to offer the safety seminar again later this year in November, but costs are about $1500.   Perhaps there is also a membership drive as part of the seminar.


Website:   Erica James


Encourage residents to use website for memberships. Still up in the air regarding renewal dates


New business


Thank you to Carolyn for solar-powered lights at the Camino Real entranceway supplied to ICNO by Hot Purple Energy.


Discussion about what ICNO is. Can ICNO promote other events in addition to the NYE party?

In what ways can ICNO be relevant to the residents?


Adjournment until March 11 at 9 am at the North Clubhouse.

#    #    #    #


Minutes ICNO Board Meeting December 10, 2016

Call to order 9:00 am

Roll Call: DeeAnn McCoy, Bruce Moccia, , Steve Bryan, David Freedman, Mark Gold, Jerry Nies , Devra Lieb, Mike Dixon, David Ross Pittman, Mike Hanley, Steve Buchanan.

Absent: Erica James.

Attending: Susan Cureton Hill, Jason Lewis, Taylor Cushmore, Lexie Martone.

Approval of minutes November 12, 2016: Motion by Bruce, seconded by Devra, to approve as written. Approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report, Steve Bryan: We have $12,530 in the bank, $10,230 of which is in our Modernism account. ICNO has spent about $8400 in operational expenses for the year, and will end the year with about $2300 in the operations account.

Membership Report, Steve Buchanan: Steve has the mailing materials and we will stuff envelopes with information about ICNO membership. David will deliver the stuffed envelopes to Neighborhoods manager, Denise Goolsby before the December 14 deadline. Also Steve is trying to update the membership database, but needs to find a program that will allow him to print the date. Suggestion was made to check with the IT guys in Palm Desert.

ONE-PS report, David Freedman:

CalTrans attended the ONE-PS meeting. Following the recent pedestrian fatalities on Vista Chino (Highway 111), CalTrans is looking at potential traffic calming measures.
Officer Melissa Demarest is taking over from Lt. Frank Browning as the Palm Springs Police Department liaison to ONE-PS and the Neighborhood Organizations. David Freedman will ask Denise Goolsby to invite Officer Demarest to our Annual Meeting on January 14.
ONE-PS elected officers for 2017. The new Chairperson is Phil Strout of Los Compadres. Kathy Cohn of Sunrise Park and Jim Knauss of Tahquitz Creek Golf are the new First and Second Vice Chairpersons, and Doug Donenfeld of Old Las Palmas is the new Secretary. Former ICNO Chairperson Larry Da Silva was reelected as Treasurer.
ONE-PS assembled a group of volunteers from the Neighborhood Organizations to be balloon wranglers in the Festival of Lights parade. ONE-PS authorized the transfer of the $2073.00 donated by Goldenvoice to ONE-PS to the 2016 City Festival of Lights Parade account as a one-time expression of its support of the Festival of Lights parade and the inclusion of the large balloons in the parade.
ONE-PS has distributed the Palm Springs Neighborhood Guide to the Neighborhood Organizations. David has received ICNO’s allocation of 51 copies, to be distributed at the Annual Meeting. Individual copies are available for purchase on the Palm Springs Life website ( for $4.95 per copy plus sales tax and shipping.
David is leading a training session this afternoon on incorporation and tax exemption for the Neighborhood Organizations participating in Modernism Week in February. ICNO’s documents are the models used for the training, to be followed by the other Neighborhood Organizations.
Committee Reports:

Safety, Jerry Nies:

Annual meeting on January 14, 9:00 am will begin with business meeting, including election of new board members, and short speech by mayor, then safety and security seminar. Anjila Lebsock of the PS Fire Department will put together programming for “neighbors helping neighbors.” Taylor offered to talk to the fire chief about attending and speaking, and David will contact the police chief with help from Denise Goolsby. Hopefully both fire and police will stop by. The security and safety seminar will also include discussion about utility shut offs and security cameras,

A motion was made and seconded and unanimously passed to send out a postcard on January 3, 2017, in addition to newsletter, Nextdoor, Facebook, and eblast. Postcard would announce 2nd annual board meeting and safety/security presentation immediately after.

The new Neighborhood Watch signs have been installed, and David Freedman thanked city staff for their help.

Modernism, Susan Cureton-Hill and David Freedman:

The agreement structured by David between Modernism Tour homeowners and ICNO has been approved by the insurance broker who represents both ICNO and Modernism Week. David made a motion, seconded by Bruce, for ICNO to approve the agreement received at this meeting, and to authorize Devra to sign as president on behalf of ICNO. Motion carried unanimously.

Tour is very popular, there are 58 volunteer docents.

Brochures, which were distributed to board members at this meeting, are ready for final draft and printing, pending homeowners and board approval.

February 11 is docent training at David’s house, immediately after board meeting, and Carol Moore will send out reminder emails to volunteer docents.

Newsletter, Jason Lewis:

Requested Modernism Tour artwork of the front cover of the brochure for the newsletter.

Website, Erica James: no report

Development, Mike Hanley:

Mike suggested considering a $14,000 allocation split equally to fund donations and community enhancement. No discussion.

Old Business

NYE party, Dee Ann McCoy and Mark Gold:

ICNO has 78 reservations for dinner and dancing and 14 reservations for just dancing. We need 2 people to help decorate and organize seating, and 4 to volunteer to clean up after the party.

Discussion centered around the fact that the success of this event could help propagate future events, coordinated between the homeowners and the clubhouse/golf course.

Eisenhower post mortem—only about 15 people attended

Candidates for Board of Directors:

Pursuant to the Bylaws, nominations for election to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting on January 14 were due by November 30. The nominees for two-year terms are:

David Freedman

Mark Gold

Carolyn Lumber

Bruce Moccia

Jerry Nies

The following Directors are continuing on the Board for the remaining year of their term:

Steve Bryan

Steve Buchanan

Mike Dixon

Erica James

DeeAnn McCoy

David Ross Pittman

There is still one position open and the board may fill it at its discretion. If anyone would like to serve, please contact any board member. The new board will meet immediately following the annual meeting to appoint the remaining director

New Business

The board decided not to decorate the entrance this year. Would consider doing so next year.

Adjournment until the Annual Meeting January 14 at 9 am at the clubhouse.

# # # #

Minutes ICNO Board Meeting November 12, 2016

Call to order 9:00

Roll Call: Present: Bruce Moccia, Devra Lieb, DeeAnn McCoy, Mike Hanley, Mark Gold, Steve Bryan, Steve Buchanan, David Ross Pittman, David Freedman, Erica James, Jerry Nies.

Absent: Mike Dixon

Approval of minutes: As written unanimously approved

Status of the club: Todd Connelly and Gene Mollenkamp

Todd spoke to the board about the status of the club. After not watering over the summer, several lessons were learned: It was more difficult to reseed; some of the lakes had major leaks. The Tribe is composing a letter to all residents that will explain what they are doing and why, which will be sent out shortly. Mike Hanley and several attendees pointed out that most people are concerned about the not-knowing; that there doesn’t seem to be an over-arching cohesive plan. Todd said he would carry that message back to the tribe. Gene also said that he will be working to create cards to give to ICNO members that will qualify them for a 10% discount at the restaurant on the South Course.

Treasurer’s Report: Steve Bryan said that we have $10,300 in our Modernism fund and $4400 in operating capital. Upcoming expenses include the Fall cocktail party, that night, and the annual business meeting in January. We are now expecting about 160 people for the Fall party.

The insurance broker has issued a certificate naming Jerry as additional insured on our policy. The host of the spring party will have the same. Board approved unanimously the additional expense ($100 plus any miscellaneous fees).
Membership Report: Steve Buchanan

Draft letters to Diane Goolsby, the new head of Palm Springs neighborhood involvement, and to the membership concerning renewals were approved. The letter to Goolsby will go out Monday. We will have an envelope-stuffing session at the next board meeting to send out the renewal letters by December 15. We will include the letter, a form, and a return envelope.

ONE-PS report: David Freedman; insurance

Palm Springs Life has published the ONE-PS Guide to Palm Springs Neighborhoods. ONE-PS’s net revenue is approximately $7,000. ICNO will receive its allocation of 51 copies at the ONE-PS December meeting. DF suggests that copies be given to the first 51 people who sign in at the Annual Meeting. Individual copies are available for purchase on the Palm Springs Life website ( for $4.95 per copy plus sales tax and shipping.
The ONE-PS Modernism Week Preview tour was very successful, raising close to $20,000 for ONE-PS. Many thanks to Cal and Todd for generously opening their home, and to the many ICNO residents who served as docents.
The Fire Department is working on the redesign of Fire Station 4 on LaVerne Way with Hugh Kaptur, who is the architect. Reopening is expected in the next 18 months to two years. In the meantime, an extra crew is on duty at the downtown fire station.
ONE-PS approved Oasis del Sol as the 43rd It is bounded by Tachevah, Farrell, Alejo and Sunrise.
The Code Enforcement & Public Works Committee held two study sessions in October on a potential ban on outdoor smoking. No consensus was reached on a proposal to bring forward to the full ONE-PS membership.
City Council will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, November 30, at 5 pm in Council Chambers to consider the recommendations of the Council Vacation Rental Subcommittee (Councilmembers Kors and Roberts). The recommendations have not yet been issued, so ONE-PS was not able to take a position on them. However, they are expected to be generally consistent with the recommendations that ONE-PS made earlier this year, with an emphasis on enforcement and a limitation on the number of permits that can be held.
The dog park behind City Hall will reopen on Sunday, November 20, at 1 pm.
The Festival of Lights parade will occur on Saturday, December 3. Several Neighborhood Organizations have made donations to cover the cost of their balloons, and ONE-PS is considering contributing the proceeds of the donation it received from GoldenVoice in 2015. ONE-PS may march with its own banner and balloon, and residents from other neighborhoods could march with ONE-PS.
ONE-PS has now obtained its own insurance policy from the same broker that ICNO uses. The coverage is similar to what ICNO has. The Neighborhood Organizations are not covered under the ONE-PS policy, so ICNO will need to maintain its own coverage.
Taylor Cushmore proposed that ICNO should take a stand on the vacation rental issue. Under our by-laws, we are prohibited from take a partisan position on any issue or candidate, however we can take an informal survey of our membership to see what opinions there are. We will also keep members posted on all developments and forward contact information of city officials and agencies.

Committee Reports:

Safety: Jerry Nies, Neighborhood Watch signs

The new signs have been delayed but should be in by next week. They will replace old signs already in place. We will discuss new sites for the signs at the next Operation Lighthouse, immediately following the annual meeting January 14.

David Freedman has informed City staff of the sign replacement and will drop off the new signs at City Hall when they are delivered to Jerry.
Modernism: Susan Cureton-Hill

Estimated expense budget is $5,000; board unanimously approved. David Freedman has prepared an agreement with the homeowners as required by the insurance broker and will submit it for Board approval at the December meeting.
The tour, slated for February 17, sold out in less than a week. A record.
Web Site: Erica James stated that the site is up and running for the renewal process;

New Year’s Eve Party: Erica has been working with DeeAnn McCoy and Mark Gold to create an ICNO PayPal account that will be used to the New Year’s Eve party and can be used for any other event in the future.

Newsletter: Jason Lewis. No news: Jason was not present.

Development: Mike Hanley said that the committee will be soliciting ideas for the proceeds of the sold-out Modernism Week Tours. First priority on the committee will be given to the home-owners who have volunteered their homes for the tour.

Old Business

Ribbon Cutting ceremony will take place on Monday, November 14 at 2:30 at the corner of Camino Real and LaVerne Way. Mayor Moon will attend and speak.

Club: We are moving forward with the plans for the New Year’s Eve party at the club. The cost will be $140 per person for dinner (prime rib, salmon, and chicken are the choices) and dancing starting at 7 PM or $25 for just dancing after 10 PM. There will be a no-host bar and a $15 corkage fee for people who bring their own wine. People will be able to reserve space by signing up through PayPal and paying in advance. We will have a complete record of who is coming as well as their contact information. In order to secure the Gand Band, we need to sign a contract which pays them $4000. We can opt out and cancel the event by December 1, but if we do, we owe them a kill fee of $2000. Last year, the event sold out and there were 185 attendees. We will break even at 95 for dinner and 40 for just dancing. We will announce it at the Fall cocktail party and state that we are offering this only to ICNO members at first, though the party will be open to all. We will post on our website, Facebook page, and NextDoor. It is the board’s hope that this will be the first of several events ICNO can promote at the club. The Board voted unanimously to advance the $2000 to the Gand Band and move forward. We will also suggest that people bring canned food for the Find Food Bank on a voluntary basis.

Eisenhower Hospital has contacted us about an event they want to hold at the club on December 5. They will provide speakers to introduce the community to Eisenhower and to speak about health issues in a general way as well as host an open bar and serve hors d’oeuvres. Several members have said that this seems like we are endorsing Eisenhower which would be against our by-laws. In fact, we allowing Eisenhower to use our website and social media connections to promote an event that may be of interest to our members. It hopefully will get people to the club and is of no cost to ICNO. They will also not have access to mailing list as we will be sending out any notices. The Board unanimously voted to approve providing that it is made clear we are not sponsoring this event or endorsing Eisenhower.

Reminder that nominations to the Board (including Directors running for reelection) must be submitted to Mike Dixon no later than November 30.
Adjournment until December 10, 2016

# # #

Minutes ICNO Board Meeting October 15, 2016

Call to order 9:00 am.

Roll Call: DeeAnn McCoy, Bruce Moccia, Steve Bryan, David Freedman, Mark Gold, Jerry Nies, Devra Lieb, Mike Dixon, David Ross Pittman.

Absent: Mike Hanley, Erica James, Steve Buchanan.

Attending: Susan Cureton Hill, Jason Lewis, Taylor Cushmore.

Approval of minutes September 24, 2016; Motion by Moccia, second by Lieb to approve as written. Approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Steve Bryan: We have $11,900 in our Modernism account for enhancement purposes and $4192 in our operational account.

Membership Report: Motion made by Moccia, second by Lieb to maintain the $50 annual dues for membership in ICNO for 2017. Passed unanimously. Jason and Steve will work together to produce a letter calling the Annual Meeting.

ONE-PS Report: David Freedman:

Rob Moon, Ginny Foat, David Ready, Chief Reyes and Lt. Browning all thanked the residents and in particular ONE-PS for their support. ONE-PS approved a $1,000 donation to the Palm Springs Police Officers Association, and several Neighborhood Organizations also presented checks to Chief Reyes. Memorial Service at the Convention Center Tuesday, October 18 at 11 am.
Sustainability Commission is holding a study session on leaf blowers on October 24, from 5 – 8 pm in Council chambers. Residents are invited to present their views.
Anjila Lebsock of PSPD made a presentation on emergency preparedness. PSPD has a training program for residents. Jerry is in touch with her to speak at the January 14 safety seminar.
Desert Sun reporter Denise Goolsby has been named the new manager of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement. She starts on October 24. ICNO will invite her to the ribbon cutting and our Annual Meeting.
The ONE-PS Guide to Palm Springs Neighborhoods published with Palm Springs Life will be released on Monday and provided to attendees of the Modernism Week tour. We will get our copies at the November ONE-PS meeting. ONE-PS’s share of revenue will be in the range of $10,000 – $15,000. The Guide has a directory of Neighborhood Organizations with each Neighborhood Organization having an email address Emails received will automatically be forwarded to the Neighborhood Organization’s own email address.
Code Enforcement & Public Works held a study session on October 10 on a possible outdoor smoking ban. Representatives of the American Cancer Society, the American Lung Association and the Greater Palm Springs Bar and Restaurant Association presented their views. The next study session will be on October 24 at 2 pm in the City Hall Large Conference Room. A proposal would come for discussion at the earliest in November for a vote of the December ONE-PS meeting.
The Governance Committee is meeting Tuesday afternoon with Ginny Foat and David Ready to discuss the draft Ordinance David Freedman prepared on the Office of Neighborhood Involvement and ONE-PS. If Ginny and David agree with the approach, it will be submitted to City Council in the next few months.
The City Council is holding a vacation rental study session on October 26 at 6 pm. An alternate venue to Council chambers is being investigated, to accommodate the expected crowd.
ONE-PS is close to selling out its 400 tickets for the Mini Modernism tour on October 22. There may be a few left on the Modernism Week website.
The City will have balloons for the Festival of Lights parade on December 3 and is looking for sponsors to cover the costs. ONE-PS is looking into getting a balloon and marching under its own banner, for those residents whose Neighborhood Organizations will not be participating.
Committee Reports:

Safety: Jerry Nies: Next town meeting January 14, in conjunction with the Annual Meeting. Jerry went to the CERT training weekend class and suggests that CERT participates in the Annual Meeting. Also suggests that we look into, which is a registry of security cameras. Recommendation that ICNO replace neighborhood watch signs. ICNO would pay for the reflective/anti-graffiti replacement signs and the city would install the six signs at the present sign locations. Additional signs would be discussed at the Annual Meeting.

Current sign locations are:

520 Murray Canyon, northwest side of Camino Real, east entrance to Canyon Villas apts.
Also 520 Murray Canyon, west entrance to Canyon Villas apts.
Murray Canyon, south side just west of Toledo
2320 Camino Real across from north entrance to Via Lazo
Southeast corner of Alhambra and Camino Real
In front of 677 Avenida Granada
Locations should be posted on social media, to confirm no objections. The City will not reimburse ICNO as we are replacing existing signs.

Modernism: Susan Cureton-Hill: Attended planning session for Modernism Week. There will be 18 neighborhood tours this year, and some communities are donating all of the proceeds to charity. Insurance issues were also discussed and apparently resolved.

David will prepare for Board approval at the November meeting the form of agreement between ICNO and the homeowners.

One of ICNO’s houses has dropped out, but Susan is confident that it will be replaced.

Tickets for Modernism Week go on sale at noon on November 1.

Web Site: Erica James: maintenance and new members. No Report.

Newsletter: Jason Lewis: Discussion about the relevance of the newsletter. E-blasts are most effective for communicating with the neighborhood residents, but the newsletter is another tool for providing current and historical information. Consensus is to continue publication and archive on the website.

Development: Mike Hanley. No report

Insurance: David Freedman: Need Board approval of agreement between ICNO and fall / spring party hosts. David Freedman and Jerry Nies should be authorized to finalize agreement, with input as necessary from broker. Motion to do so by Bruce, second by Devra, passed unanimously. See attached template Fall 2016 ICNO letter to Jerry Nies.

Social: Fall Party: Steve Bryan: November 12. 51 responses as of October 16.

Entrance: Maintenance and watering schedule, replacement plants: David Ross Pittman: See “community enhancement project” addendum. Motion by Pittman, seconded by Bryan to approve addendum including replacing of 4-5 barrel cacti and 1 ocotillo. Motion passed unanimously.

Old Business

New Board Members. David read the relevant sections of the Bylaws:

Article VIII, Section 12
Any member in good standing who wishes to serve on the Board of Directors may nominate themselves by submitting their name for nomination to the Secretary 45 days prior to the Annual General Membership meeting (November 30).

Article X, Section 3
Notification of the place, time and date of the Annual, or any special, Indian Canyons Neighborhood Organization General Membership meetings shall be given either by mailed, emailed or hand delivered notice to each member who is in good standing as well as all residents and property owners within the neighborhood’s boundaries. This notification shall occur at least 30 days prior to the meeting date of the General Membership meeting (December 15).

Membership renewal letter: see membership report

Ribbon Cutting: tentatively November 15 in the morning. David will follow up with City officials to inform them of the new date.

Club: New Year’s Eve: DeeAnn McCoy: Proposal for ICNO to sponsor the second annual New Year’s Eve event at the north course clubhouse to demonstrate ICNO’s interest in supporting the facility and encouraging camaraderie among the residents of Indian Canyons.

Motion by Moccia, second by McCoy to proceed with NYE planning including a specific budget to be presented at the next ICNO Board meeting. (See attached “Next Steps and Considerations”) Deadline to proceed with the party is November 25, 2016.

Smoking ban: Results of informal poll. Bruce reported that there were about six responses to the Board’s poll on Nextdoor and 28 to the Eblast. The Nextdoor responses were opposed to the ban but the email responses were mostly in favor. David reported that he is not requesting Board direction until there is a formal proposal before ONE-PS.

New Business

Police Memorial: David reported that donations to be made to PS Police Officers’ Association for both Officers’ families or just for one (to be specified on check). Motion by Moccia, second by Lieb for ICNO to make donation of $500 to both families. Further monetary or in-kind donations TBD by Development Committee.

Adjournment until November 12, 2016


Minutes ICNO Board Meeting September 24, 2016

Call to order 9:00am

Roll Call: DeeAnn McCoy, Bruce Moccia, Erica James, Steve Bryan, David Freedman, Steve Buchanan, Mark Gold, Jerry Nies by phone, Devra Lieb, Mike Dixon.

Absent: Mike Hanley

Attending: Susan Cureton Hill, Jason Lewis, Arlene Sanford, Clay Ide, Taylor Cushmore

Approval of minutes May 14, 2016; Motion by Moccia, second by Lieb to approve as written. Approved unanimously.

Resigned: director Cody Sanford

Vote on proposed board of directors membership of David Ross Pittman:

Approved unanimously to finish term that expires January, 2017

Treasurer’s Report: Steve Bryan: We have $12,000 in our Modernism account for enhancement purposes and $4250 in our operational account which is enough to cover the Fall party and the January business meeting. Raising the dues to $50 this year has enabled us to do that since Modernism funds cannot be used for operational purposes.

Membership Report: Steve Buchanan; website input; renewals:

Erica, Jason, David Freedman and Bruce will get together to discuss coordination of e blasts with the website, distribution issues regarding the newsletter, as well as membership renewals and a calendar for board elections. Devra suggested recruiting more female board members..

ONE-PS report: David Freedman:

Both ONE-PS and ICNO have received their 501(c)(4) exemption letters from the IRS and have filed for exemption with the California FTB
Desert Regional Medical Center doing tours for Neighborhood Organizations again this year
San Rafael neighborhood approved
Neighborhood Guide nearly finalized. Now up to 80 pages; ad sales are very good. Delivery 10/17, in time for inclusion with Modernism Week tour. We will get about 40 copies, perhaps more for the annual meeting. Need ICNO email address for directory.
David Freedman has drafted amendments to Ordinance 1666 on Office of Neighborhood Involvement; meeting with David Ready & councilmember Ginny Foat tentatively on Oct. 6.
Code Enforcement & Public Works study session on smoke-free patios 10/10 11 am 1 pm, City Hall Large Conference Room.
Committee Reports:

Safety: Jerry Nies; November safety meeting? Motion by Bryan second by McCoy to combine safety meeting with the annual meeting on January 14, 2017. Approved unanimously.

There was discussion regarding neighborhood watch signage. David Freedman offered to gather information about cost of perhaps six signs. Board also discussed signage artwork and language. After the board examined several scaled down examples of neighborhood watch signs on a piece of paper, there was a motion by Moccia, second by Lieb to use top left sign artwork. Approved unanimously.

Parade: Any volunteers? No Volunteers. Not clear what role of ONE-PS and Neighborhood Organizations are this year. PS asking for $1,000 per NOrg to carry a balloon

Modernism: Susan Cureton-Hill: October 22 city wide tour. ICNO will be represented by a beautiful home at 2444 S Alhambra. New in 2017, Modernism will increase its financial participation from 10% to 20%. ICNO will raise ticket prices to $65, and total tickets to 400, for a gross potential of $26,000. Six houses have been submitted for Modernism Week approval, and four have already been approved. It is anticipated that the other two will be approved shortly.

Insurance: David Freedman: The insurance that the broker will obtain for the ONE-PS tour next month will be comparable to what ICNO obtained for the February tour, in terms of coverage, policy limits and policy exclusions. It will be a general liability policy, with limits of not less than $1,000,000.
The homeowners will be additional insureds on this policy with respect to the operations of ONE-PS, as they were for the ICNO tour, meaning that they would also be covered under this policy if ONE-PS were liable.
David Freedman drafted a short letter agreement between ONE-PS and the homeowners in which ONE-PS confirms to the homeowners that they will be additional insureds with respect to ONE-PS’s operations. This letter agreement includes guidance for the homeowners with respect to their personal property along the lines of what Susan prepared and the homeowners on the ICNO tour, as well as the training guide given to docents and house captains based on what Susan gave the ICNO docents. David also drafted an accident reporting form based on Palm Springs Art Museum model.
David will prepare versions of these documents for the February tour for ICNO and the other Neighborhood Organizations holding February tours.
Development: Mike Hanley; proposals for next year’s Modernism funds: None yet.

Old Business

Enhancement project; official unveiling: Discussion regarding annual budget and schedule for upkeep and maintenance. Board requested that David propose a budget and maintenance schedule that the board could vote on at the next meeting. Unveiling date to be determined.

Club: New parties? ICNO made a proposal to promote a Modernism tour party during Modernism week at the golf club, but the proposal was declined.

Also discussion about ICNO promoting a NYE party at the club and supporting financially and with marketing. Suggestion was made to form a subcommittee to explore the idea and report back to the board

New Business: Cards? Mail box? Board didn’t see the need for either.

Smoke-free Patio Ordinance: One PS support? ICNO support?

Study session October 10 from 11am to 1pm at City Hall large conference room.

ICNO will poll

ICNO will support or not according to the input from it’s membership.

Fall Party: November 12 at Jerry Nies’ home. 4-7 pm

Calendar of meetings: The board meeting schedule for the up-coming season will be the Saturday after the ONE-PS meeting which is held on the second Thursday of each month.

As follows:









06/10/17 (if we have a June meeting)

The annual business meeting will January 14.

Adjournment until October 15, 2016




a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation


The Board of Directors of Indian Canyons Neighborhood Organization (the “Corporation”) held its first meeting on March 26, 2016 at Palm Springs, California.

The following directors, constituting a quorum of the full board, were present at the meeting:

Steve Bryan

Steve Buchannon

Mike Dixon

David Freedman

Mark Gold

Mike Hanley

Erica James

Devra Lieb

Deeann McCoy

Bruce Moccia


There were absent:

Jerry Nies

Cody Sanford


On motion and by unanimous vote, Bruce Moccia was elected temporary Chairperson and then presided over the meeting. Mike Dixon was elected temporary Secretary of the meeting.


There were then presented to the meeting the following resolutions, each of which were considered and discussed and, on motion duly made and seconded, unanimously approved:



WHEREAS, the original articles of incorporation of the Corporation were filed in the office of the California Secretary of State on the 10th day of February, 2016, and

WHEREAS, the Incorporators of the Corporation have elected the undersigned as the initial directors,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that all actions heretofore taken on behalf of the Corporation by the Incorporators be, and they hereby are, ratified and affirmed; and

RESOLVED FURTHER, that a certified copy of the articles of incorporation be inserted by the Secretary of the Corporation in the minute book of the Corporation and kept at the principal office for the transaction of business of the Corporation.


RESOLVED, that Mike Dixon, named as the initial agent for service of process in the Articles of Incorporation of the Corporation is named as the Corporation’s agent for service of process.



WHEREAS, it is deemed to be in the best interest of the Corporation that bylaws be adopted.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the form of Bylaws attached hereto as Exhibit A be, and they hereby are, adopted as the Bylaws of the Corporation;

RESOLVED FURTHER, that the Secretary of the Corporation be, and hereby is, authorized and directed to execute a certificate as to the adoption of the Bylaws by these resolutions, to affix such certificate immediately following the last page thereof and to cause said Bylaws, together with such certificate, to be placed in the minute book of the Corporation; and

RESOLVED FURTHER, that the Secretary of the Corporation be, and hereby is, authorized and directed to cause a true and complete copy of said Bylaws, as amended from time to time, as now or hereafter in effect, similarly certified, to be kept at the principal office of the Corporation in California.


The following persons are hereby elected to the following offices until such persons resign or are terminated or replaced by a duly authorized action of the Board:

Chairperson:                                                   Bruce Moccia

President:                                                        Devra Lieb

Vice Chairperson:                                          David Freedman

Secretary:                                                        Mike Dixon

Treasurer:                                                        Steve Bryan


RESOLVED, that each of the officers of the Corporation is authorized and directed to cause the Corporation to pay the expenses of its incorporation and organization.





RESOLVED, that each of the officers of the Corporation is authorized to consult with legal counsel to ascertain the availability of exemptions from taxation under federal and state tax codes and, if such exemptions are available, the officers of the Corporation are, and each hereby is, authorized and directed to execute and file all necessary applications for exemptions from such taxes with the appropriate state and federal tax authorities, and to pay the necessary filing fees.




RESOLVED, that each of the officers of the Corporation is authorized and directed to make such filings and applications, including, without limitation, the statement required by Section 1502 of the California Corporations Code and the filings as required by the California Attorney General, to execute and deliver such documents and instruments and to do such acts and things as such officer deems necessary in order to obtain such licenses, authorizations and permits as are necessary or desirable for the Corporation’s business, to fulfill such legal requirements as are applicable to the Corporation or its business or to complete the organization of the Corporation.


WHEREAS, the adoption of an accounting year for the Corporation is deemed advisable.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the first accounting year of the Corporation be, and it hereby is, fixed from the date of incorporation to December 31, 2016, and thereafter the accounting year of the Corporation is to end on December 31 of each year.


WHEREAS, it is deemed to be in the best interests of the Corporation that the Corporation apply for and obtain any necessary employer identification number with the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) and any other identification numbers, permits or licenses required by law or deemed necessary or advisable.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the officers of the Corporation be, and each of them hereby is, authorized, directed and empowered to prepare and file, or cause to be prepared and filed, appropriate applications to obtain an employer identification number with the IRS and any other identification numbers, permits or licenses required by law or deemed necessary or advisable for the conduct of the business of the Corporation; and

RESOLVED FURTHER, that such specific resolutions as may be required to have been adopted by the Board in connection with any of the actions authorized or permitted by the foregoing resolutions by any of the jurisdictions in which such actions are taken or applications filed be and the same hereby are adopted, and the Secretary of the Corporation is hereby authorized to certify as to the adoption of any and all such resolutions.


RESOLVED, that any and all acts taken and any and all agreements or other instruments executed on behalf of the Corporation by any officer or officers of the Corporation prior to the execution hereof with regard to any of the transactions or agreements authorized or approved by any or all of the foregoing resolutions are ratified, confirmed, adopted and approved.



RESOLVED FURTHER, that the officers of the Corporation be, and hereby are, authorized and directed to execute all documents and to take such action as they may deem necessary or advisable in order to carry out the purposes of these resolutions.

There being no further business to come before the meeting, on motion duly made and seconded, the meeting was adjourned.

Dated: March 26, 2016


/s/ Mike Dixon


Mike Dixon, Secretary