2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

Minutes: ICNO Annual Meeting January 20, 2018

Call to order: 9 AM

Roll call:

Directors Present:

Bruce Moccia, Steve Buchanan, Erica James, Steve Bryan, David Freedman, DeeAnn McCoy, Jerry Nies, Mark Gold, David Ross Pittman, Carolyn Lumber, Michael Dixon

Absent: Judy Jensen

Introduction of the candidates for the Board:

Darlene Aut, Steve Bryan, Taylor Cushmore, Mike Dixon, DeeAnn McCoy, Ron Parks, Steve Villa, and Arlene Young

Distribution of ballots to be collected and tallied during meeting.  Ballots and bios previously posted on website and social media.

Introduction to Todd Hooks, Development Director, Aqua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians

Todd was accompanied by his associate, Jeff Vatter, and spoke about the continuing development downtown and addressed issues concerning the club and the land lease.  Todd said he would confer with the club management about watering and seeding of the grass behind several of the homes.  He also said they were grateful for the survey ICNO conducted regarding potential club membership and promised to get back to us soon.  If possible, everyone would like to see something implemented by the Fall.  ICNO is going to form a committee to explore negotiations on a new lease or a possible buy-out.

Introduction to Mayor Moon

Mayor Moon spoke about downtown development.  The Andaz Hotel is now going forward but the project on the corner of Mesquite and South Palm Canyon is on hold as the developer has run out of money.  The City Council will discuss the vacation rental issue and is likely to table a decision until an economic impact study is completed.

Introduction to Officer Stephen Sanders

Officer Sanders related the crime statistics of our neighborhood, mostly burglaries and property crime.  He said that our neighborhood should be considered a low-crime area; that there was a 26% decrease in crime since 2016 and a 47% decrease in burglaries.  When asked if the police patrolled the Indian Canyons, he said yes and reiterated that whenever anyone sees something suspicious, they should call 911. It is the best way to get the police to come to the area.

Introduction to Fire Chief Nalder

Fire Chief Nalder spoke about the remodel of Fire Station #4 on LaVerne Way.  Funds have been allocated, plans are out for bids, and it should be completed sometime in the first half of 2019.  The original architect has been involved in the remodel and expansion and the Chief showed drawings of the project.  In response to questions regarding response times, the Chief said that since Fire Station #5 was reopened, Indian Canyons response times are well within requirements, usually under 5 minutes from first call.

David Freedman read a resolution to adopt the proposed Bylaws:

RESOLVED, that the Bylaws posted on the Organization’s website under “Proposed Bylaws Revisions” and circulated prior to the annual meeting be, and they hereby are, adopted as the Bylaws of the Organization.  The resolution passed unanimously.

Membership report:  Last year ICNO had 174 paying members.  We are still tallying the membership for this year.  Membership is free for anyone and everyone, but we are encouraging people to pay $50 per year which goes to defer ongoing expenses and entitles members to attend our two cocktails parties each year.

Financial report: David Freedman

As of January 19, the bank account balance (including one check written but not yet cleared) is $27,564.23.  This total is divided among the three internal accounts as follows:

Operational:  $  5,918.14
Modernism:   $20,517.59
Clubhouse:     $  1,128.50

The Board will approve and send to the members prior to April 30 an annual report for 2017.

New Year’s Eve party: DeeAnn McCoy reported that even though attendance was down somewhat this year, the party still turned a profit of more than $500.  DeeAnn and Steve Bryan, our social chairperson, then announced that they were reorganizing the social committee to develop and include more functions at the club such as golf scrambles and brunches.  Anyone who has any ideas or wishes to help is encouraged to get in touch with DeeAnn or Steve.

Introduction to Denise Goolsby, Manager of the Office of Neighborhoods

Denise spoke about ONE-PS and its relationship to ICNO.  There are now 44 neighborhood organizations and we will be keeping our membership posted on ONE-PS activities.

Modernism Week:

More than 100 tickets have been sold to our event, COCKTAILS IN THE CANYONS and tickets are still available at: http://www.modernismweek.com/event/250530.  Our Modernism Week home tours have been suspended for 2018 due to a lack of volunteer houses, but will resume in 2019.  Anyone wishing to have their home considered should contact Merah Bond.


Erica James has relinquished her post as webmaster and Greg Gehrich has assumed command.  We are continually updating our user interface in an effort to make it more user friendly.   Please note that the website address is PSICNO.ORG not PISCNO.COM.

Neighborhood Watch Signage:

The proposed new sites of the neighborhood watch signs (and the members who suggested them) are:

E Santiago Way, Elaine Hagmann
At the start of each street, Paul Hanneman
South end of Palo Fierro, Linda Williamson
Camino Real at King’s Point, Susan Lindsey Cohen
Palo Fierro at Santiago, Sierra Madre, Lori Cohen-Sanford
Via Estrella and Caliente, Marc Rouse

We will discuss at the next Board Meeting (February 10)

Recap of year:  Bruce Moccia

Bruce noted that we conducted a survey about people who might be interested in becoming either social or golf members of the club if it were made available to them.  We got a response rate of over 60 percent with almost two-thirds saying they would definitely or probably be interested depending on what was offered.  We are engaged in on-going discussions with representatives of the Tribe about how this might work.  We also painted the wall that runs on the south side of LaVerne Way between Camino Read and Calle Palo Fierro.

In order for the Organization to keep functioning, we need volunteers!  We need someone to write a periodic newsletter, to be the communications director, and volunteers for committees.  We particularly need volunteers to water the parkway along the wall on LaVerne between Camino Real and Calle Palo Fierro.  It takes only about 15 minutes.

Announcement of Board vote:

Elected to the Board are:  Steve Bryan, Mike Dixon, DeeAnn McCoy, Ron Parks, Steve Villa, and Arlene Young.  If there is a vacancy on the board for any reason before the 2019 Annual Meeting, the Board will ask Taylor Cushmore and Darlene Aut to join in that order.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:08

Minutes:  Special ICNO Board Meeting January 20

Call to order:  11:10 AM

Roll call:

Present: Steve Bryan, Mike Dixon, David Freedman, Mark Gold, Carolyn Lumber, DeeAnn McCoy, Bruce Moccia, Jerry Nies, Ron Parks, Steve Villa and Arlene Young

Absent: Judy Jensen

Also attending: Steve Buchanan and David Ross Pittman

Motion to approve the minutes of the December Board meeting.  Passed unanimously without comment.

Motion to elect Ron Parks as treasurer; seconded and passed unanimously.

Motion to elect Arlene Young membership chair; seconded and passed unanimously.

ONE-PS report: David Freedman, attached.

Meeting adjourned:  11:15

ONE-PS Report for ICNO Board Meeting of January 20, 2018

  • The annual ONE-PS retreat will take place on Saturday, March 24, at Ruth Hardy Park. Request Board authorization for ICNO to sponsor the picnic as it has in past years, at a cost of $100. We are entitled to a booth if we would like to have one.

At its January 3 meeting, Council took the following actions:

  • Approved the hiring of six new firefighters / paramedics, four new police officers and two community service officers, and the purchase of a medic unit. The new personnel and equipment will be assigned to the downtown area. The cost of the new hires is funded from the Measure D sales tax increase approved in November.
  • Approved a contract with Riverside County for homeless outreach services during evenings and weekends. Half of the cost of $330,000 for the first year will be reimbursed by the Desert Healthcare District.
  • Approved an agreement for architecture and design services for the new downtown park. The design work will take about a year and construction another year.
  • Approved on first reading an ordinance on vacant buildings, including increased administrative penalties to property owners for failure to rehabilitate and reoccupy vacant commercial buildings.
  • Approved a resolution stating that the Director of Planning Services, the Planning Commission and/or the City Council shall give preference to requiring the provision of solar photovoltaic systems for new single-family and multifamily residential construction as a condition of approval of discretionary applications.
  • Agreed to move forward with a plan to construct a biogas to energy project at the wastewater treatment plant, which would capture the methane gas produced as part of the water treatment process and process it in a cogeneration plant to produce electricity to be sold into the grid and waste heat that will reduce the City’s need to purchase natural gas.

At its January 24 meeting, Council is scheduled to discuss the following matters:

  • Amending the existing ordinance governing ONE-PS, the neighborhood organizations and the Office of Neighborhoods. ONE-PS will be responsible for its own guidelines and procedures on neighborhood organization bylaws, recognition, derecognition and inactive status, as opposed to the city manager having final approval authority on those matters, as is currently the case.
  • Allowing transportation network companies (e.g., Uber and Lyft) to pick up passengers at the airport; currently they can only do drop-offs.
  • Calling a special election on a citizen-sponsored initiative to prohibit vacation rental of single-family residences of 28 days or less.
  • Removing tamarisk trees on the municipal golf course bordering the Lawrence Crossley neighborhood.
  • Establishing new disclosure requirements for land use entitlement applicants and City officials to avoid conflicts of interest and appointing a new standing City Council subcommittee for public integrity issues.
  • Regulating pedicabs on City streets.